East Africa Training Center

November 2, 2017

We first announced at the National LEAD Conference in 2017 that we were sponsoring a Pathfinder trip to Kenya to work on the East Africa Training Center. The trip was scheduled for early November. Due to circumstances beyond our control with their presidential election process and in consultation with the Kenyan Assemblies of God, they asked us to reschedule our trip for March 2-10, 2018.

Therefore, National Royal Rangers Director Karl Fleig and I will be leading a Pathfinder Team to Kenya in early March 2018 to finish the first floor of the Royal Rangers East Africa Training Center. The team will be doing work like tiling floors, painting the walls, hanging light fixtures, and even building bunkbeds to make the main building fully operational.

Rev. Patrick Kawe, Royal Rangers National Commander of Kenya, says that he is already buying materials and preparing for the team. He also tells us what a blessing this center will be to East Africa and the entire Africa region. The center will serve a vital function in training leaders in Kenya as well as Tanzania and Burundi. Assemblies of God leaders in Tanzania and Burundi want to start Royal Rangers since they learned that curriculum will soon be available in Swahili.

Rev. Kawe is also the leader of Men’s Fellowship in Kenya, and although it was not finished, he conducted a Men’s Fellowship meeting at the training center so these men could see what progress has been made and what construction is still needed. The men of the Kenyan Assemblies of God committed themselves to additional fundraising and to working alongside the U.S. Rangers team to make sure the center is up and running as soon as possible. They understand these two crucial things: the importance of reaching children for Christ and the Royal Rangers ministry and the training center are two of the best means they have available for accomplishing that end.