Web Site Transition Complete

November 14, 2018

Several months ago, it was announced that the national Royal Rangers website was in the process of being rebuilt. We are now glad to announce that this process has been completed, and all relevant content from the old website has now been migrated over to the new site. The website that was originally found at RoyalRangers.com has now been taken offline and has been replaced by this new website that was formerly found at RoyalRanersUSA.com. Both website addresses are still active and point to RoyalRangers.com. The new site has been built with these objectives in mind:

  • To provide a site that is more mobile-friendly
  • To provide a site that represents a more contemporary design
  • To remove dated content that is no longer relevant to the current program
  • To provide ways to make content on the site easier to find

These changes reflect an interesting trend that has been in progress for the last several years in relation to Internet usage worldwide. In past years, most Internet users accessed the web through desktop computers and laptops. But over the last several years, Internet usage has increasingly shifted to mobile devices due in a large part to the increasing sophistication of mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android. Internet usage on mobile devices now surpasses that of desktop devices, with most of the “mobile devices” being smartphones rather than tablets. It has, therefore, become clear that anyone who wants to share their message online must do it in a way that is suitable for today’s smartphones.