Volunteer at Camporama, Where Do I Start?

May 29, 2019

The success of this event depends in large part on our volunteers. There are several options for being a volunteer at Camporama. So, when you ask the question “Where do I start?” The short answer is go to the Camporama Volunteer page. The longer answer is we need both part-time and full-time volunteers at an event of this magnitude.

Part-time Volunteers

Simply put, part-time volunteers are adult leaders who volunteer during Camporama (Sunday, July 19–Friday, July 24) for at least two 4-hour shifts. Upon completion of their assignment(s), they will go back to the volunteer check-in to receive a token for their service. All adult leaders are expected to sign up for at least two shifts. An adult leader may volunteer for more than two shifts and could receive more volunteer tokens. Outposts that only bring two leaders will not be expected to volunteer their services, keeping in mind the 2-deep leadership principle we follow.

Part-time volunteers may be asked, for example, to help run an activity or help serve food at a food pavilion.

Special Skills

We also have need for those with special skills during Camporama. Check out the volunteer survey for the various special skills opportunities. If for example, anyone age 16* or older, is a certified lifeguard, and is willing to volunteer at the pools, these individuals would receive the part-time volunteer service tokens and partial registration consideration. Sunshine, water, service tokens, and partial registration—what a deal!

*Note: Certified lifeguards are the only volunteers that can be under age 18.

Full-time Volunteers

Full-time volunteers are divided into two categories—full-time during Camporama and full-time before and after Camporama.

Full-time volunteers during Camporama have specialty skills needed for the success of this event. Some of those skills include medical, security, plumbing, electrical, and lifeguarding to name a few. (Depending on number of shifts worked, lifeguards could be full-time or part-time.) These volunteers devote days not hours to the event. As such, they are unable to spend time with their local outposts because of their full-time commitment. Upon acceptance of being a full-time volunteer, they will receive a complimentary registration code for Camporama, including meals and housing (as available). Interested? Go to the volunteer page and complete the volunteer survey so we have record of your skills. All qualifications for full-time volunteers are listed on this page.

Full-time volunteers before and after Camporama are special kinds of servant leaders that work hard and fellowship even harder in the evenings. The work before is called pre-camp and starts with dinner on Sunday, July 12, and concludes with lunch on Sunday, July 19. The work after Camporama includes the remainder of Friday, July 24, through Saturday, July 25. This position is best served by those who have certain skills useful during the preparation for the event and who are physically able to perform during pre-camp and after camp. See the volunteer page for a complete description and fill out the volunteer survey.

I never cease to be impressed with the servant hearts of our leaders. Giving selflessly of their time, their talents, and their resources. Is full-time volunteering hard work? I can personally say, “Yes, it is.” I can also say it is one of the toughest jobs that you’ll ever love. I wouldn’t miss it!

For a complete picture of what all volunteer opportunities at Camporama looks like, please visit the Camporama Volunteers page.

Ready to start your volunteer survey? Full-Time Volunteer Survey

You’ll also need to fill this out the Adult Participant Agreement & Medical Record.