Royal Rangers Week 6-12 Oct 2019

September 4, 2019

Throughout the year, the Assemblies of God sets aside different weeks to celebrate, promote, and bring awareness to significant ministries. National Royal Rangers Week is October 6-12. Is your outpost making plans to highlight this effective ministry to the rest of your church?

As Royal Rangers leaders, we minister to our boys every week. However, those who aren’t involved or who have kids involved don’t know what you do or that this vital ministry to next generation men even exists. National Royal Rangers Week is a great time to help the people in your church learn more about who we are and what happens during your outpost meetings. Ask your pastor now what you can do on Sunday, October 6, to help celebrate and bring awareness to Royal Rangers. To get you started, I’ve listed a few ideas:

  • Have your boys serve as greeters, parking lot assistants, or ushers the morning of October 6; they could wear either their utility uniforms or outpost t-shirts to help with awareness.
  • Set up a booth in the church lobby. Display pictures from campouts, outings, or service projects. Include some derby cars. Highlight items that let people know we do much more than just camp. Include something from all five of our core competencies: Art/Ministry, Outdoors, Sports, Technologies, and Trades. Items like musical instruments or pictures could represent Art/Ministry, some woodworking projects could represent Trades, Archery or sports items could represent Sports, and so on.
  • See if you can get five minutes in the main service to talk about the value of Royal Rangers. Have one of your sharpest boys share a 90-second window about how Rangers helps him learn what it means to be a godly man and grow as a Christian. Have a key leader share a 2-minute window about how Royal Rangers makes a difference in boys’ lives and fulfills a purpose in God’s kingdom. Then, wrap up and invite them to the booth after service for more information.
  • Have a cookout (burgers/hot dogs) or a spaghetti dinner for the church after service. Charge a $5/person or $20/family and make it a fund raiser for your outpost. (Maybe the fundraiser could go toward Camporama). Boys can serve drinks or serve the food. Make sure there are plenty of Royal Rangers posters or brochures around for people to see.

These are just a few of the ideas. With a little planning, you can use this special week to celebrate, promote, and help people learn about Royal Rangers. Remember, you need to start planning now!