Hot New Focus in Danger of Cooling Down National Director

September 4, 2019

As the end of the year approaches, National Girls Ministries (NGM) and Royal Rangers have another competition. Which team will raise the most money for its respective missions project? You may remember over the last two years we have seen some good-natured fun during other challenges that encouraged us to do all we could for missions. Rangers won the first contest and slimed the NGM team. NGM won the second challenge by out giving Rangers in the final couple of weeks, so the Royal Rangers team served the NGM staff a steak lunch.


This year the stakes have been raised significantly with a considerably colder outcome. The ministry that gives the most by the end of 2019 wins the challenge; however, the ultimate winner is the kingdom of God as Royal Rangers builds tabernacles around the world and NGM reaches a new people for Christ through a community center in Argentina. What is the challenge this year? The director of the ministry that has the lowest giving total at the end of 2019 will take a cold-water plunge at the end of January in Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO. A video of the plunge will be posted on Facebook. Help us ensure that I don’t experience Table Rock Lake in January.


Master’s Toolbox (MTB) and BGMC are making a huge difference for the kingdom of God and Royal Rangers. Every dollar that is raised helps share the good news of Jesus Christ around the world and often promotes the Royal Rangers ministry. Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in Master’s Toolbox giving as outposts and districts have caught the vision for reaching others.


Excitement is high for our current MTB focus: Tabernacle Project. Rangers around the country are raising funds to build tabernacles, which typically hold 300 people. Missionaries report they are filled completely within a few months as people come to hear the good news and accept Christ as Savior. Additionally, Rangers will be going to many of these locations to help build tabernacles through Pathfinder Missions, an exciting part of the Royal Rangers ministry. The first tabernacle and team are already scheduled for Togo in November 2019. For information on upcoming Pathfinder trips, go to


Royal Rangers is heating up around the globe; let’s make sure we don’t cool things down. Let’s keep our national director out of cold water.