The Power of Team

November 2019


Historically, bad guys come in groups, and good guys work alone. Superman, Batman, and the Lone Ranger fought off groups of villains with their skill alone. While they may have had a sidekick, they most certainly didn’t run into battle as a part of a team.


Fighting the spiritual battles on behalf of the next generation of godly men is much more effective in a team. In his book Team of Teams, General Stanley McChrystal shares stories of how different branches of the military came together to defeat Al-Qaeda. This new enemy needed a new way of fighting. The boundary lines of the past needed to fade away in favor of building a “team of teams.”


It’s the same in the church. Where teams may have seen effectiveness standing alone in the past, we now rely on teams coming together in new ways, having a shared vision, and openly discussing and agreeing on a plan of action. When the goals are the same, teams do more than cheer for the success of the other teams; they roll up their sleeves and get into the trenches together.


How’s your Royal Rangers team?


Do Ranger Kids and Adventure Rangers work together?


Do Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries share similar goals?


Do Royal Rangers and Youth Ministries or Children’s Ministries come together for strategic planning and prayer?


These are good questions to bring to a leadership meeting within your church. The enemy is not letting up, and he’s after the souls of our boys. It’s time we make it a priority to build a team of teams as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission.


March 2020 is a great opportunity to be a part of a national team of teams event in Dallas, TX. The AG Kidmin Conference is designed for any leader within the local church to come together for inspiration, training, and time with like-minded leaders. General sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities ensure there will be something for everyone. This makes it possible for churches to send multiple leaders for a shared experience as they endeavor together to reach the children in their community.


Learn more about the AG Kidmin Conference at Come be a part of something that shows the power of team.