Camporama FCF Village

March 11, 2020

The 2020 National Camporama is just around the corner. The Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship is making plans to celebrate this monumental event by hosting an FCF Village with the theme of “Heroes of Faith.” The village will take on the look and feel of a frontier camp with all the color and excitement of a rendezvous. All the residents, activities, and demonstrations in the Village will give the feel of a pre-1840 encampment.


There will be a variety of FCF related activities in the Village. Come throw a tomahawk at a challenging target. Use flint and steel to test your skills at catching a spark, then blow it into flame. If you want to try your hand at shooting a black powder rifle, you can head to the Brownell’s Rifle Range. While there, you may see a group demonstrating how to shoot a cannon.


Do you need to work on requirements for FCF related merits? Sign up in the Village when you arrive for specific requirements. Don't miss this opportunity to participate. Maybe, you'll earn or finish a merit in the process. It could be the last one you need for your next advancement level.


When you go to FCF events, do you enjoy walking around and looking at the trade blankets? Well, the Village will have many trade blankets scattered throughout the campsites. Trading is a good way to get items for your FCF outfit, but maybe you need something specific. Visit the exhibitor area in the Village to shop for a variety of items. Maybe you are looking for something that is unique and custom for your outfit, but you don’t how to make it. Throughout the campsites in the Village, there will many demonstrators. This would be a great opportunity to explore different trades if you haven’t developed your FCF skill or to find that custom piece you have been looking for.


If you are an FCF member, we want you to come and stay with us in the Village. We need your help to show the color and flair that we're so well-known for. Our attendance goal is to have 500 members staying in the village. We'd like to have a good representation of every territory and chapter. As an FCF member, you can register to stay in the village by going to


Come and experience the spirit of brotherhood and community that we share within the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship. Let it inspire you to become a member!