Master's Toolbox: Convoy of Hope

March 31, 2021

In Exodus chapter 2, the Israelites fought the Amalekites. As long as Moses held his hands up, the Israelites were winning the battle, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning the battle. When Moses grew tired, they got a stone for him to sit on, and then Aaron and Hur helped him (one on each side) to hold is arms up. In the end, Joshua and Israelite army through the power of God overcame the Amalekite army. Everyone had a different part in the victory—Moses, Aaron, Hur, Joshua, and the Israelite army.

Whether your outpost is large or small, we all have a part to play and can help in raising money for Master’s Toolbox. For 2021, our goal is to have every Royal Rangers outpost give to Royal Rangers/BGMC Master’s Toolbox. Working together, we can reach this goal.

If you are new to Royal Rangers, you may be wondering, “What is Master’s Toolbox?” Missionaries all around the world need many kinds of “tools” to spread the gospel. To help meet these needs and many more, Royal Rangers and BGMC partnered to develop the Master’s Toolbox missions opportunity. Because of this partnership, all Master’s Toolbox offerings also receive BGMC giving credit for the church. (Note: There are special offering containers, called Master’s Toolbox. These offering containers are free. Simply call My Healthy Church at 1-855-642-2011 and ask for a Master’s Toolbox (item #729-893).)

There are many ways to give to Master’s Toolbox. Many outposts will collect money weekly or monthly and send into the national BGMC office regularly. Some boys wait for district events, so they earn money throughout the year and bring it to powwows, campouts, and other district functions. Offerings are sent to the national BGMC department and disbursed to missionaries.

Through Master’s Toolbox, Royal Rangers can help meet the needs of missionaries. In recent years, Master’s Toolbox has purchased generators, dug water wells, supplied pastors’ libraries, repaired churches, translated literature, trained leaders, and held outreaches in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Eurasia.

For the past two years, Master’s Toolbox raised money to build tabernacles all around the world. Although COVID-19 made travelling to erect the tabernacles in 2020 impossible. The money has been used to purchase the tabernacles. As travel restrictions are lifted, Pathfinder Missions is scheduling trips this year to erect those tabernacles.

Our project for Master’s Toolbox for 2021-2022 is Convoy of Hope. You may be thinking that your community will never host a Convoy of Hope event. Don’t worry. There are many ways to be involved in this project, and below are a few that may work for your outpost. For more information on each item below, go to

  • Donate to Feed the Hungry: $10 feeds a child somewhere in the world for an entire month ($120 feeds a child for a year)
  • Volunteer at a Community Event
  • Assemble Flood Buckets for Disaster Relief 
  • Have a Road Trip Packing Party
  • Join a Field Team

How do you start raising money for Convoy of Hope? A simple announcement to friends, family, and the church will let people know that boys are willing to work to help missionaries. You will need to let them know what types of tasks your boys can complete—wash windows, rake yards, shovel snow, wash cars, mow lawns, recycle soda cans, etc. These jobs can be completed individually or as a group. You could do a social media post or video to share your Masters Toolbox goals.

A quick way to earn big bucks is to buy items in bulk and resell them individually. Buy bottled water, soda, or candy by the case and sell at city parks, sporting events, or church events. Buy flowers by the flat and sell door-to-door as singles. Hold a rummage sale and advertise that the proceeds will go to missions. The church can help by organizing sales and helping boys set realistic goals. For example, fifteen boys raising $100 each can bring in $1,500.

 When sending in your Master's Toolbox offerings, please use the Master's Toolbox Designated Offering Form. Using the giving form will ensure your church receives Master's Toolbox/BGMC giving credit. Note: If your church sends in one check to BGMC for its Master's Toolbox offering and other BGMC offerings simultaneously, then using this giving form to indicate the amount of money going specifically to Master's Toolbox will enable the national BGMC office to determine how to process your request.

Just like Aaron and Hur, we all have part. Let’s all work together to give something to help missionaries all around the word.