Why Shooting Sports is an Effective Tool for Ministry

March 31, 2021

Activities are great ways to connect with people who may not attend a normal church service. When choosing activities for the outpost, choose activities that your boys and leaders enjoy or that will challenge them outside of their comfort zones and skills. Boys are more likely to bring other boys to activities that are fun, exciting, and challenging. Starting a conversation with a friend can be as simple as, “Hey, I know you don’t go to church, but my Royal Rangers group is going skeet shooting. Would you like to come?” During a break in the activity is a great time for the gospel to be presented The goal of activities in Royal Rangers is to plant seeds, build relationships, and ultimately, lead someone to Christ.


Shooting sports is an activity that could challenge boys to participate in something they have never done before that eventually turns into enjoyment. National Shooting Sports Programs (NSSP) helps boys learn life skills, responsibilities, self-discipline, and conservation ethics. All participants in shooting sports learn the safe, appropriate, and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment while gaining marksmanship skills.


According to research, approximately 50 percent of children in the United States have divorced parents. Approximately 25 percent of children in the United States live with one parent and no other adults. Many children stay indoors playing video games or watching videos on a screen all day. They have not been given the opportunity to try activities that challenge their skills. All children need positive role models that will challenge and teach them. Shooting sports can challenge them, teach them life skills, and provide positive role models who will mentor them by participating with them.


Royal Rangers always need more leaders. This ministry gives dads an ope door to step in and be involved in their sons’ and other boys’ lives by teaching  them responsibility and self-discipline. My dad has been able to be involved in my Royal Rangers outpost and shooting sports activities, and he has been a great role model.

Shooting sports doesn’t have to be limited to fathers and sons or Royal Rangers and leaders. It is a great activity for the entire family and is a great tool to use to minister to the entire family. Many families have started going to church and are currently serving Christ because they were invited by others to activities like shooting sports. For me and my family and many other families I know, being involved in Royal Rangers and shooting sports has helped us live a Christ-centered life.


Timothy Gell

2021 NSSP Ambassador