Camporama Registration Opens

June 23, 2021


Camporama Registration Opens September 1, 2021

In just over two months, on September 1, registration will open for Camporama 2022. Although the “The Ultimate Event for Guys” is over a year away, your Royal Rangers national staff are hard at work on all of those behind-the-scenes activities that will make this the best Camporama yet.

What do we need to know about registration? All registrations for Camporama 2022 will be online only. No mailing or faxing of registration forms, medical forms, or payments. All registration will be made via the registration page at

You will register online. You will pay for the registration online. You will fill out and sign your participant form online. Did I mention that everything will be completed online?

Can a leader still register his outpost leaders and boys for Camporama22? Absolutely!

Camporama Registration

If you are going to register the leaders and boys from your outpost, you must have on hand, the name and email address for each boy’s parent or legal guardian before you start. You need this information so the registration system can send them an email that allows them to complete the Parental Consent & Medical Authorization for Minors (PCA) and sign the document via DocuSign. Once the parent completes the PCA and signs it, they will receive another email with their completed and digitally signed PCA for their records. The portal to start the PCA provides instructions on how many copies to make and what to do with them. There will be no paper participant forms for Camporama. All participant forms must be completed and signed through the DocuSign portal and process.

The adults will complete an Assumption of Risk, Release, and Indemnity Agreement (AOR) in a similar fashion. The AOR forms have the extra step of the pastor’s signature. You will need to have the correct email address for the pastor. Once the leader completes the form and signs it, DocuSign will forward it to the pastor. Once the pastor signs the document, then the leader will receive the completed document in an email.

What if I’m already registered for Camporama? You do not need to register again. However, parents will have to complete the PCA for minors, and adults will have to complete the AOR. The previous participant forms will not carry over to this event. The event registration office or the Royal Rangers national office will follow up to get the name and email address for each boy’s parent or legal guardian so the registration system can trigger the PCA forms. We will also follow up so all the leaders have a link to complete the AOR.

To save time when completing the DocuSign process, have the following information on hand for both the minor and adult participant forms before you start filling them out:

  • Current medications
  • Medical history
  • Immunizations
  • Allergies
  • Any medical condition requiring special attention
  • Confirmation of the ability to swim 100 yards without assistance in six feet of water (minors only)
  • Medical treatment authorization (minors only)

From September 1 through October 31, 2021, a 2020 Carryover price of $315 chartered ($375 non-chartered) is being offered. Plus, you will receive an early registration 60th anniversary limited edition coin (not available elsewhere for purchase) if you register during this time.

You do not want to miss Camporama and the 60th anniversary for Royal Rangers. Registration opens on September 1. See you there.


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