Royal Rangers 60th Anniversary

June 23, 2021

Royal Rangers is celebrating another major millstone. In 2022, Royal Rangers will celebrate its 60th anniversary. We have been “Reaching, Teaching, and Keeping boys for Christ” by God’s grace for all these years, and now it is time to celebrate. Although our big celebration will be at Camporama, July 10–15, 2022, why not start the party a little early. In August 2021, Royal Rangers will launch a new catalog that includes two full pages of 60th anniversary products.


What better way to celebrate than to get some 60th anniversary items and tell your churches, friends, and communities that Royal Rangers has been here for sixty years with a great history. However, that’s not the end of or story. We can then tell them that our next years will be even brighter. We will see more lives influenced through this ministry than ever before. This has not been by accident. God has used this ministry to change lives all around the globe, and our best days are yet to come. So, watch for the new catalog. Check out the 60th anniversary items and pick up some to help spread the word that we’ve had a historic past but that our future is brighter than ever.


What can you look forward to in the new 60th product? We will have new garments like t-shirts, a jacket, and a polo. We didn’t forget all the collectors out there, so we will have a new limited edition patch, coin, and pin. If you want to represent Royal Rangers at your job, we have you covered with a new mug or tumbler. The 60th anniversary tapestry may be too nice to take to the next camping event, but it will look great on your couch as a throw this next winter. These are just a few of the great items to celebrate Royal Rangers.


But that’s not all. At Camporama, there will be more items, so make plans to join us there to complete your collection of 60th anniversary products. If you are still registered from Camporama 2020 (that was postponed) or you get registered between September 1 and October 31, 2021, you will get the limited edition early registration coin, which won’t be available for purchase anywhere.