Summer Craft Ideas

June 23, 2021

Summer Craft Ideas

During my years teaching at a day care/preschool and teaching elementary Sunday school classes, I found that boys liked to create craft projects just as much as the girls. In the summer, many parts of the country have many nights that they are not able to go outside for activities due to heat advisories. Below are several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups. There are also ideas for July 4th crafts and water night activities.



I tried to select craft projects that K–2nd graders could complete with little individual supervision. If you are the only leader with several boys, you will need crafts that boys can work on with some independence, allowing you to focus on the younger boys in the class.


Clothespin Caterpillars

The is a great craft that is very simple. The basic supplies of clothespins, pom poms, white glue, and googly eyes will let your Ranger Kids make caterpillars that are as unique as they are. You could glue a magnet to the back and use it to hang papers on a refrigerator.



I tried to select craft projects that 3rd–5th graders could complete with little supervision. If you are the only leader with several boys, you will need crafts that boys can work on with some independence, allowing you to focus on the boys who may need extra help.


Pool Noodle Monsters

Using any color pool noodles, googly eyes, pom poms, bendy straws, pipe cleaners, ribbon, scissors, and hot glue to create these unique but adorable monsters will be great fun for Discovery Rangers. The best thing about this project is that every project is meant to be unique. You will probably want to precut the pool noodles before class. Of course, you will need to help the boys with the hot glue.




Paper Bag Masks

You might consider doing this activity over two weeks. You don’t many supplies—large paper bags, construction paper, white glue or glue sticks, markers, and scissors—for this craft. However, the initial step is rather time consuming. You need to place a bag on each boy’s head and draw marks to cut out so it will fit over his shoulders. You will also need to measure and mark the eye holes. Then, you will need to cut the bags. I suggest doing the measuring and marking on the first week. Then, have the boys decorate the precut bags to create their masks the following week. To do the measuring, call the boys over one at a time during recreation time.


Water or Sand Crafts



Sponge Water Bombs

Use any color sponge, scissors, and fishing line to create these sponge bombs that any of the boys in your outpost will enjoy making and enjoy using even more. This might be a great activity to include the Girls Ministries clubs and have a water night activity during the summer.


Beach Art

The link below is the closest I could find to an activity I did with my preschoolers more than twenty years ago. Using white cardstock, tempera paint, tacky or white glue, paint brushes, and sand, your boys can create their own beach scene. I also used large ocean creature, seashell, and beach umbrella stickers to complete the art project. This link does the project in the opposite order than I did. I had the kids paint the ocean first so the sand wouldn’t get into the paintbrushes.



Sandpaper Sandcastle

These sandcastle can be made by any of the younger Royal Rangers boys. Your older Rangers may also enjoy creating a more elaborate castle, especially if it is part of a contest. You’ll need tan cardstock, blue tissue paper, tan sandpaper, scissors, and white glue for the project. You could try glue sticks, but they may not stick well. Depending on the number of boys in your class, you might consider precutting the sandpaper shapes for Ranger Kid boys. Be aware that cutting sandpaper could damage your scissors.


July 4th Crafts



Edible Flag

This fruity flag will be a fun snack idea for any week leading up ot July 4th. You can made one large edible flag or have each boy make his own. Be sure to find out about any allergies.


Cupcake Line Fireworks

The supplies of cupcake liners in different sizes and colors (mainly red, white, and blue), scissors, white glue or glue sticks, and cardstock are simple, but they make a spectacular July 4th craft that looks like the sky filled with bursting fireworks. Although this craft is typically more suited to Ranger Kids, your Discovery Rangers may enjoy it as well.


Patriotic Bingo

I thought it might be nice to include this little game idea. You just print and cut the piece out and let the boys play. It would work as a great transition activity because the boys could play it on their own while you are watching other boys demonstrate a part of their current skill merit. It is easy to get out while the boys are arriving if you have limited inside room for the boys to run around.



Paper Plate Flag

The supplies are basic: paper plates, paint (red, white, and blue), paintbrushes, pencils, and Q-tips. For Ranger Kids, you will want to draw lines for them to paint inside. For Discovery Rangers, you may just need to make dots for the red lines so they can be sure to get the thirteen stripes.


Paper Mosaic Flag

Using red, white, and blue construction paper, white paint, Q-tips, glue sticks, and pencils, your boys can create their own unique mosaic. Before class, mark the blue field and the thirteen stripe with the pencil. For Ranger Kids, you may want them to tear the red stripes as one strip of paper and tear large blue pieces for the field of blue. For Discovery Rangers, they may enjoy tearing the smaller pieces for the red stripes and field of blue.