Camp Eagle Rock Internship Program

Are you a high school student looking for a summer job? Consider spending your summer at Camp Eagle Rock as a summer intern.


What to expect as an intern? Lots of work combined with lots of fun! Interns work in every aspect of Camp Eagle Rock. It’s virtually impossible to describe a day in the life of a Camp Eagle Rock intern as camp life creates daily changes. Want to give it a shot?


The interns get up early in the morning so they can get to work before the day gets too hot. They start in the maintenance shop with Mr. Mel Hardage, prepping the mowers, getting the weed eaters ready, or fixing one of the gators. 


They eat breakfast in the J.B. Lodge with the rest of the staff. Breakfast is followed by a Spirit Challenge each morning. That’s right, interns normally complete fifty to sixty (50–60) Spirit Challenges while at camp. 


After that, the interns work between several duty areas. Some might have kitchen duty with Mrs. Sonya Saccenti. Some might mow the lawn and weed eat with Mr. Paul Stanek. Others might help Mr. Mel Hardage with maintenance on the many buildings at the camp. 


After lunch, the interns will set up activity areas for the summer campers. We have team building competitions, archery, and trap shooting. Once the activity time is over, the interns will tear down the activities, clean the guns and other gear, and put everything away. They will also check for any damage that needs to be repaired before the equipment is used again. All interns will learn how to set up and tear down all the different activities. 


After dinner, the interns gather wood to build a fire for the campers, who are at camp that week. While the campers are enjoying s’mores around the fire, the interns get the opportunity to enjoy the inground pool, to rest at the J.B. Lodge, or to turn in early. 


Listen, the life of a Camp Eagle Rock intern is a lot of hard work, but it is also so rewarding. Every year hundreds of kids and teens give their lives to Christ during the camp season, and the interns play a major role in this process. They prepare the activities the kids participate in during the day in the beautiful Camp Eagle Rock setting. The setting and the activities prepare the campers’ hearts to hear the message of hope and salvation during the evening services.


If you are interested in making a little extra cash, learning some new skills, and having a summer to remember, consider joining the Camp Eagle Rock interns! Apply today at