Catapult 700 Update

“Some of us are senders and some are goers.
Neither is more important than the other.
Neither is possible without the other.”

David Sills, author The Missionary Call

Catapult 700 launched with a vision to translate the Royal Rangers ministry resources into Swahili, to partner with the Kenya Royal Rangers to complete the Royal Bridging training center, and to see the ministry spread exponentially throughout Kenya and the whole Swahili zone. As generous senders, your faithful giving through the Master’s Toolbox Catapult 700 project continues to reach these goals and more!

Thank you for sending teams and resources to complete the Royal Bridging training center. Now fully operational, the Kenya Royal Rangers are hosting annual rite of passage events for young men, bridging the way to godly manhood. This ministry not only is mentoring your fellow Rangers but is also welcoming individuals from the community who have never heard the gospel and opening the door for them to know and follow Christ.

Thank you for giving to translate the Royal Rangers global curriculum and discipleship resources into Swahili so more boys and girls can be reached than ever, more effectively than ever in their heart language. The curriculum is about 75 percent complete with the Leader Manual and two years of curriculum ready for launch. As part of the Africa Summit this summer (2023), we will pray over and celebrate the official launch of the Swahili curriculum.

Thank you for sending us to the nations so more nations can be reached and mentored for Jesus. Already, Tanzania has begun the process of launching Royal Rangers in their nation. This is a direct result of your giving so the global curriculum and resources are available in their language. Last year training for leaders began and, prayerfully, later this year we will begin the process of launching pilot outposts.

Together, the senders and the goers in Royal Rangers are seeing this gospel reach boys and girls around the world. Thank you for being a faithful part of God’s missionary plan.