NSSP Ambassador Program for 2023


Since 2008, the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) has hosted a National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador program with the sole purpose of promoting shooting sports among our younger generations. Beginning in 2009, the NRA formed partnerships with other cooperative organizations to provide ambassadors to represent both the NRA and their parent organizations on a national level. Those organizations included Royal Rangers, USA Shooting, National High School Rodeo Association, Boy Scouts of America (BSA), BSA Venturing, and United States Marine Core JROTC. Through 2018, the NRA and its partner organizations worked diligently in the shooting sports industry. As of 2019, the NRA updated its requirements to open participation in the program to be more encompassing of other youth programs and organizations. With this, applicants are now directly accepted through the NRA versus through the partner organization.

As a result of those changes, Royal Rangers no longer had an official part in the NRA’s updated program; therefore, the NSSP was inspired to use the opportunity to launch its own ambassador program. It is our prayer that God would use it to further the mission of Royal Rangers to mentor the next generation of Christlike men and to aid in inspiring Christlike sportsmen.



The primary purpose for this program is to serve as a launching pad for the young men selected, to be given opportunities to develop further valuable life skills, to create relationships that could lead to possible career opportunities, to promote the National Shooting Sports Program of Royal Rangers, and most importantly to create opportunities for ministry to all with whom they interact.

Each year the selected NSSP Ambassador will be a national representative for the NSSP and Royal Rangers. He will promote shooting sports and advance the NSSP within and outside of Royal Rangers. He will also share how shooting sports can be an amazing and valuable tool to create relationships and connections for ministry and spreading the gospel.

He will be able to exercise and further develop communication skills through significant amounts of public speaking whether through interviews, devotions/sermons, product reviews, and writing various articles. He’ll learn and use networking skills to create and grow business relationships with company representatives for the NSSP. This could open doors for employment opportunities. He will have the opportunity to travel and participate in various shooting sports related events and competitions.



The NSSP Ambassador will be awarded various perks, including but not limited to the following:

  • Funding for all required travel
  • Ambassador promotional gear (shirts, bags, etc.)
  • Recognition by Royal Rangers national office as staff for position held
  • Other related rewards as available



A candidate must be an Expedition Ranger under 18 years of age at the time of application. The NSSP Ambassador will serve one schoolyear term from September 1st of the current year through August 31st of the following year. The NSSP Ambassador position requires candidates to be selected by the NSSP ambassador committee and approved by the NSSP national coordinator and the Royal Rangers national director. In each case, he must be active in NSSP related events, activities, Royal Rangers advancement programs and attend a chartered Royal Rangers outpost. He must also have the approval of his outpost coordinator and pastor to apply to be the 2023 NSSP Ambassador.

If the candidate turns 18 years of old during his tenure, he will be required to submit a background check with his local church and be signed off by his pastor before working with boys since he will be an adult legally.

Candidates for NSSP National Ambassador must submit the required application, a 500- to 800-word essay, and three (3) personal recommendation letters.



  • Application – 2023 NSSP ambassador candidates will be required to submit the necessary application to be reviewed by the ambassador committee.
  • 500- to 800-word Written Essay The written essay will address of the following topic: Why is Royal Rangers and shooting sports important to you, and how can you use them to minister to others?
  • Written Recommendations – An applicant can include up to three recommendations with his application. The maximum length per recommendation is 500 words. They are used to gain insight into the character of the applicant. They can be written by adults, Royal Rangers leaders, pastor, teachers, coaches, employers, etc. who know the applicant well. The committee prefers that one recommendation come from a Royal Ranger leader or a pastor. Recommendations can be written by family members; however, only one may be from a family member.



To apply to be the 2023 NSSP Ambassador, the candidate is expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a born-again Christian
  • Compete in one or more NSSP approved shooting sports disciplines
  • Be an active member of his local church and outpost
  • Have the approval of his pastor and outpost coordinator
  • Be an Expedition Ranger under 18 years of age at the time of application or testing, whichever is later
  • Be an example of leadership to other Royal Rangers



The NSSP Ambassador is elected to act as a representative for the NSSP and Royal Rangers and to provide leadership to other boys participating in shooting sports or Royal Rangers activities. He is to be a spokesperson for his peers to adult leadership and should be able to provide coaching for other boys participating in shooting sports activities. He will attend national events as required with travel being funded by the NSSP.

Ambassador duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist in planning, organizing, and conducting shooting sports events and related activities, specifically the national events, such as the National Camporama and LEAD (Attendance will be required for Camporama and optional for LEAD.)
  • Learn from national leadership and accept responsibilities as assigned
  • Serve as a role model for other boys
  • Be comfortable and prepared to speak, give presentations, or present a devotion as requested
  • Be qualified and, if able, trained to serve as a coach/assistant coach to other boys in shooting sports related functions and activities
  • Know and understand all aspects of shooting sports safety
  • Attend NSSP sponsored and/or incorporated events in his region, district, and section and be prepared to attend national events, such as National Camporama and FCF National Rendezvous as requested.
  • Participate in NSSP national conference calls, email discussions, and virtual meetings as requested
  • Attend the NSSP action team meetings at LEAD each year during their term (optional)
  • Required attendance at one or more industry shows and events, such as the NRA Annual Meeting, Great American Outdoor Show, and any other events NSSP national staff may request attendance at (Will be notified in advance)
  • Submit content quarterly (at least four times in term year) for social media and promotional use of participation in shooting sports related events, activities, or functions (Note: Ambassadors are encouraged to submit content regularly and may be requested to do so.)
  • Write and submit quarterly (at least four times in term year) articles and/or reviews on approved topics as instructed by NSSP national leadership (Note: Ambassadors may be requested to write and submit more than the initial four articles.)
  • Strive to advance in various shooting sports related certifications and/or distinctions



The application can be found on the NSSP website at www.rrnssp.org. If you have any questions, contact the NSSP ambassador program facilitator, Kevin Gell, at firedogkg@hotmail.com.


Once you have filled out the application, send it and all supporting documents to: firedogkg@hotmail.com.

July 31, 2023


You should retain a copy of the application and validation attachments for your own records.