EveryBoy Initiative Update

Momentum is continuing to build for the EveryBoy Initiative. If you visit the EveryBoy page on the Royal Rangers website, you will see from the bar graph at the top of the page we are over a fourth of the way to being fully funded! We are so grateful to the hundreds of individuals and churches who have already committed to ensuring that it is possible for every boy in the United States to know about Jesus and discover the man God created him to be.

I had a conversation with a dad over the weekend who was telling me he had been in Royal Rangers as a boy and wanted his three sons to be part of Royal Rangers. His church was not Pentecostal and, therefore, felt they couldn’t have the program in their church. When he heard that through this initiative, they would be able to launch an outpost at their church he was thrilled and emotionally moved. This is what this initiative is all about. Not only those three boys but also every boy in that church currently and into the future will be impacted. These are boys we would not have been able to reach before. The potential of impacting this generation is real!

As we move into another charter season and are not yet fully funded, we must ask outposts and churches to please be sure to charter. Chartering is still vitally important to keep this ministry to boys operating.

We had hoped to be fully funded by this charter season; however, with our limited staff, it has been slower than we hoped. We need your help to get the word out about the EveryBoy Initiative and to get us to the fully funded goal. To get the word out, we have created several new resources which you can find at the bottom of the EveryBoy page on our website. There are two newly released videos that can be shown in a church setting, to a missions committee, or to individuals who may be interested in helping to reach boys. There is a new brochure you can download and have printed at your local print shop or reach out to the Royal Rangers national office to have some shipped to you. You will also find a Faith Promise form that you can share with your church’s missions committee. For everyone who makes a monthly commitment to the EveryBoy Initiative, we also have a new partner coin we will ship them to remind them to pray for and to promote this Initiative. (Those will begin mailing the second week in August.)


For our churches who have already made a monthly commitment to the EveryBoy Initiative, we so appreciate your heart for the young men of our nation. Thank you for seeing the need and paying it forward so that others can have the opportunity of discovering Jesus and the men God created them to be. Even though we aren’t fully funded, we want to show our appreciation by giving you a complimentary charter for this next season. This will keep your church on the Outpost Locator and ensure you are eligible for the charter discounts at My Healthy Church. To activate your charter, please email or call Sandra at the national office (rangers@ag.org or 417-862-2781 x. 4181) and let her know you are part of the EveryBoy Initiative. Thank you again.