Royal Rangers Week & Prayer Vigil

We minister to boys every week, but how are others to know what we do and how vital this ministry is? Royal Rangers Week is a great time to help people in your church learn more about who we are and what we’re about. This year National Royal Rangers Week is October 1–7, 2023. So how do we get the word out and celebrate Royal Rangers?


Here are a few ideas that you could do in your church. You may have tried some of these before, but maybe you need to take a new look at them. Doing something visible that other boys and parents can see is important.


Have your boys serve with greeters or alongside ushers on the morning of October 1. They could wear either their uniform or their unique outpost t-shirt. This is one of the easiest things to do to be visible at church. Another classic option is setting up a table in the church lobby. Be sure to include some derby cars, musical instruments, woodworking projects, archery equipment.


If you asked your boys how they would show off Royal Rangers, what would they say or what would they want to do? It might be beneficial to ask them. They might want to show videos from outings or service projects. If you have older boys in your outpost, putting together a video would be something they could thrive in. Many of them may already be doing this on their own social media sites and would love to do this for Royal Rangers. Be sure to emphasize the diversity of activities and outings done in Royal Rangers. It’s important to show people that Royal Rangers is more than camping.


Ask if it is possible to show a Royal Rangers video and to talk about the value of Royal Rangers in the Sunday morning service. Have a boy with good presentation skills share a brief testimony about how Rangers helped him draw closer to God and share his faith with others. It’s a good idea to have him write it out ahead of time so that he doesn’t forget those important points he wants to share. Have a key leader share a 90-second testimony on how Royal Rangers makes a difference in the boys’ lives that he mentors. Then, wrap up and invite them to the booth or website for more information.


These are just a few ideas. With a little planning, you can use this special week to celebrate, promote, and help people learn about Royal Rangers. Remember, you need to start planning now! You may want to plan along with Girls Ministries. Their national week is in September. Going together and ask the pastor for a time in September and a time in October would be a great way to show collaboration.


There is one part of Royal Rangers Week that is a very special opportunity we don’t want you to miss—the Prayer Vigil. In writing this article, I was discouraged because someone asked me if anyone has participated in the Royal Rangers Week or the Prayer Vigil at their local outposts in the past few years. If outposts aren’t participating, they think there are more productive things to do with our time than we are in trouble. In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable than to pray and promote what God is doing in the lives of boys and men.


If we set prayer aside and cease having God’s vision for this ministry, then we only get what we can accomplish, meaning we will be doing things solely on our own without expecting God to show up. That is the wrong path. Are you expecting God to do greater things than He has ever done before in your outpost?


The Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends (Job 42:10). Are you seeing God do things in the lives of the boys you minister to? Are you praying for them, their families, and your church? Every year during National Royal Rangers Week we schedule time for organized and directed prayer for this ministry. The Royal Rangers Prayer Vigil is an opportunity first to seek God and His plan for ministry and second to bring this ministry before His throne. Will you be part of something bigger?


Royal Rangers Week is important and vital to the mission of Royal Rangers. Let’s see what God does as we pray and serve His Church through this amazing ministry.