NSSP and NRA Day

The NSSP is very active, and we are seeing participation grow greatly in several districts. This is due to many factors, including the addition of Girls Ministries into the NSSP shooting sports competitions. NRA Day seems to be taking off rapidly in the outposts and districts. Due to our long partnership with the National Rifle Association (NRA), we have access to this great program. NRA Day is free to participants, and we find it to be one of the best kept secrets in the shooting sports industry. It brings the professionalism of a shooting program/camp/competition to another level.


Here’s how it works. Go to nraday.NRA.org. Select “Host an Event.” You will need to create a login. (If you are the district shooting sports coordinator, you may want to create a general login for your district.) Once you are logged, in you can “Create an Event.” You will need to select a “Theme” for the event. “Youth Sports Fest” may be the most appropriate category if you are doing a camp for youth only. Once the event is created, you will be mailed up to fifty NRA T-shirts for the participants and up to fifteen staff hats for your instructors and RSOs. You will also receive hat pins, NRA 3-Rule safety cards, and other material to hand out at your camp.


One way that we have done this is by selecting a specific day during a multi-day shooting sports camp as the NRA Day. That day we compete, do awards, and take pictures while wearing the NRA T-shirts and hats. We have found that the professionalism of our media, the event itself, and the atmosphere has increased dramatically. Again, we were able do the NRA Day at no cost to the participants.


NRA has been a valued partner of Royal Rangers for years. If you want more information on running shooting sports programs, camps, or competitions, you can contact the NSSP. We would love to help. Keep reaching boys one shot at a time.


Darell Freeman: [email protected]

Kasey Bruce: [email protected]