EveryBOY Initiative Update

Thank You for What You Do!

We are so thankful for you and all you do to mentor the young men of your outpost. Your faithful ministry is making a lasting impact on the life of each young man. Throughout the year, our staff receives phone calls or emails from or has conversations with men who confirm that the time invested in them as boys was significant in shaping and influencing their lives. As we look forward to 2024, we see the potential of influencing a greater number of young men. Never has our culture been so ripe for the message we share. As we move toward the new year, we are doubling down on the commitment to our four purposes. These are to ensure that every boy...

  1. Has the opportunity to hear the gospel
  2. Discovers the man God created him to be
  3. Develops the confidence to succeed and live life well as a man of God
  4. Develops strong, lifelong friendships through a community of men

EveryBOY Initiative Is Making a Difference

Our EveryBOY Initiative is focused on seeing that our vision of influencing more boys than ever, more effectively than ever becomes a reality. As of this writing, we are at 34% of our funding. Thank you to everyone who has already joined EveryBOY with a monthly commitment to see boys across our nation reached.

This past August at our General Council in Columbus, OH, we had more pastors and churches stop at our booth to discuss how they can do more for the boys in their churches than at any other General Council that I’ve been a part of. We are seeing an increasing number of churches who had previously discontinued Royal Rangers relaunching their programs. We are also seeing more youth and children’s pastors ask for resources so they can have a greater impact on the boys in their churches.

Your involvement with EveryBOY is helping us spread awareness of the need to reach boys whether through the Royal Rangers program or through mentoring resources.

We Must Keep Spreading Awareness

Spreading the awareness of the importance of mentoring boys is being accomplished through the EveryBOY Initiative. Earlier this month our national director was at a mentoring event with over eighty ministry leaders. Those present were youth and children’s pastors, small group leaders, and other leaders in local churches. Many had heard about Royal Rangers and knew of its existence but didn’t fully understand the purpose of the ministry nor the critical importance mentoring had on young men. Being at this event allowed various connections and personal conversations. He was able to help many consider the importance of mentoring and the need to incorporate relational discipleship into their weekly ministries whether through the official Royal Rangers programs or through mentoring resources for boys.

This next year we will have many additional opportunities to spread the word about the importance of this relational discipleship process that is so critical for young men. Your faithful support is ensuring we continue to get the message out. Once fully funded, we will be able to increase our staff to equip men and churches more effectively in the mission of evangelizing, equipping, and empowering the next generation. Thank you for caring enough to invest in this vital effort.

Will You Partner With Us?

Would you consider being a partner with us to reach every boy in the United States? We need your partnership to stand against the tide of our culture that wants to strip young men of their manhood. The young men of our nation have a right to hear the gospel and to discover the man God created them to be. Your monthly commitment of $25 will help ensure that more boys have these opportunities. Over the last sixty years, more than three million boys have benefited from the mentoring of the Royal Rangers program. However, there is a whole new generation of young men who are under assault. Please click this URL or scan the QR code and join us in making a stand for these young men. If you would like more information on the EveryBOY Initiative, visit our EveryBOY Initiative page.


For your monthly pledge of $25 or more, we will send you our EveryBOY Partner coin. This beautiful coin is to thank you for standing with us and is a reminder that you are helping us provide the four purposes every young man needs.