Region Conferences 2024

Regional conferences are your opportunity as a Royal Rangers leader to connect, grow, and develop your ability to influence the next generation of Christlike men.

In 2021, Royal Rangers announced that the annual LEAD conference, which was designed for organizational leaders, was moving to a biannual schedule. On the alternating years, each region would hold a regional conference. This decision was made to allow more leaders to participate, connect, and grow. Traveling across the nation and attending a 3-day conference is a huge investment in time and money. Yet, I did it for fourteen years as a district leader for several reasons.

The biggest reason I did this in all honesty was because during this time, I connected with Royal Rangers leaders from across the United States. Every year, for three days, I got to hang out with others who did what I did—Royal Rangers. We would catch up on what had happened since last year, eat together, and hang out talking late into the evening in the lobby of the hotel with the other two hundred leaders who didn’t go to bed right after dinner. During those three days, I would get new ideas as I heard what others did in their districts or outposts. Sometimes I’d sit around and brainstorm about how to handle a situation I or someone else in the group was dealing with. Some of those years I had the opportunity to encourage or pray with friends who were struggling or going through difficult seasons in lives. Other times they would pray for me as I was one going through a difficult season. Often I would go home after those days fired up and so glad I was part of such an incredible group of men and leaders. Together, we were making a difference in boys’ lives and in the kingdom of God!

Another reason I invested the time and money was because I learned about new resources, new tools, or new updates in Royal Rangers. It helped me stay current with the program. As with any ministry or organization, a sign of health was that it was constantly changing and adjusting to be more effective. Our world is not the same as it was twenty years. There are always new challenges and opportunities. I wanted to stay current with the direction of the ministry. A ministry can only move at the pace of its leaders and members. I never wanted to lag behind or hold the work back because I was still doing things in a way that was not current. By attending the LEAD conference, I was making an investment in the efficiency of the ministry and my ability to stay in step with it.

I also invested the time and money because of me! The conference was a chance for me to learn. Through workshops, networking with other leaders, and the general information sessions, I always came away with something new that helped me. Some years I learned more than others. During those fourteen years, some years I came to the conference ready to quit the ministry when I got home. I was exhausted, discouraged, and dry spiritually. Then, something amazing always happened. During those days, whether during the morning devotions, an evening sharing time with close friends, or something someone said to me, I was renewed. I went home a better leader, a better father, a better husband, and yes, a better Christian! This time at LEAD was an investment in me as a leader.

Not everyone can travel across the country and invest three days to be part of LEAD. But every one of us deserves to be able to connect with other leaders and experience the brotherhood of being part of Royal Rangers. Each of us needs to know what’s new, what resources are available to help us as leaders, and how is our ministry responding to the new cultural challenges of this year. We all need those times of investment into ourselves—spiritually, intellectually, and even relationally.

 Regional conferences are your opportunity to have all this and more. In your region, which is closer to where you live, you have the opportunity to connect, get updates, and grow as a leader. Regional conferences happen on the even years with the national LEAD conference on the odd years. Check the table below and plan to attend your regional conference. It’s worth your investment!





Great Lakes

March 8–9, 2024

West Lafayette, IN


March 15–16, 2024

Little Rock, AR

North Central

October 25–26, 2024

Cedar Rapids, IA


January 19–20, 2024

Harrisburg, PA


March 15–16, 2024

Hermiston, OR

South Central

March 21–23, 2024

Waxahachie, TX


March 8–9, 2024

Lake City, SC


March 15–16, 2024

Downey, CA