National Rendezvous 2024

May 15, 2024

CannonFire Team

Greetings Frontiersmen!
Join us at the 2024 National Rendezvous for an unforgettable journey of faith and fellowship. Set amidst the scenic beauty of Camp Eagle Rock, Missouri, this event promises to be a spiritual adventure like no other. Pick up the cross and answer “The Call” to adventure in Christ. With a lineup of inspiring speakers and a host of exciting activities, there’s something for everyone seeking to deepen their walk with God. Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with fellow FCF brothers, engage in meaningful worship, and experience the thrill of unique frontier challenges. Make sure to register by June 23, 2024, to secure your spot at this life-changing event. Answer "The Call." Embrace the adventure. We can’t wait to see you there! For more details and to register, visit National Rendezvous
In His service,
John "Many Waters" Hembree
FCF National Coordinator

The first William Ashley expedition, often referred to as Ashley's Hundred, was a historic fur trading venture that played a significant role in the early 19th-century American fur trade. The expedition was led by William Henry Ashley, a prominent businessman and politician who became a key figure in the fur trading industry.

William Ashley's advertisement in the St. Louis paper was a pivotal moment in the history of the American fur trade as it marked a shift in the recruitment strategy for his fur trading expeditions. The advertisement, which appeared in the Missouri Gazette in 1822, sought to attract independent trappers or "mountain men" to join Ashley's upcoming fur trading expedition.

A Call for Enterprising Men: The advertisement likely featured a call for enterprising and skilled men who were willing to venture into the unexplored wilderness in search of furs. The language used in the ad would have emphasized the need for individuals with outdoor survival skills.

Attend the 2024 National FCF Rendezvous and Answer The Call.

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From the RR Office . . .

On Wednesday, May 15, our office was presented with the finances to offer six (6) scholarships to young bucks for their registration (meal plan not included). If you have boys who want to attend Rendezvous but can’t afford the $250 registration, please contact our office to request a scholarship. We ask that you have a boy ready to register before requesting it. We prefer not to award multiple scholarships to the same outpost. Scholarships will be awarded at 12:00 pm (CDT) on May 29 and must be used by May 31 before the next registration deadline, which is 11:59 pm (CDT).


Look Forward To...

  • A lineup of Fantastic Speakers
  • Be apart of Powerful Worship
  • Participate in the FCF Advancement Experiences
  • Trekking to see the best features of Camp Eagle Rock
  • Knife & Hawk competitions
  • Black Powder and Archery activities
  • Earning the Rendezvous Merit (Young Bucks only)
  • Craftsman's Fair
  • Rendezvous and Frontier Games
  • Meeting the next generation of National Scouts
  • Stump Preaching opportunities
  • Territorial and Chapter competitions
  • The Strong Heart Awards for the top performing individuals
  • Special Rendezvous, FCF, and Royal Rangers Memorabilia and Gear
  • Frontier Vendors
  • Witnessing the dedication of the Eagle Heart Tabernacle (in honor of Jim Barger)
  • Other features of Rendezvous include Swimming Pools, Concessions, and Trading

Get all the important details on the National Rendezvous website at


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A Few Important Reminders...

  • Be sure to register before June 23, 2024. There will be NO onsite registration.
  • Each adult leader who brings at least three boys to rendezvous will receive a special 50% refund on his registration.
  • An "All Meal Deal" is available for $125 per person. Meal plans must be ordered by June 23, 2024.
  • Register for the FCF Advancement Experiences
    • Frontier Adventure by June 23
    • Buckskin Challenge and Wilderness Vigil by June 17
  • Camping options include traditional FCF shelters, St. Louis Camp, RV sites, and rent by the bed or cabin.

Get all the important details on the National Rendezvous website at


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