Bible Merit Update 2019

April 23, 2019

As part of our ongoing efforts to make the Royal Rangers program more suitable for churches of any size, an important change has been made to the way in which Bible merits and Spirit Challenge awards may be earned.

Previous requirements stated that orange Bible merits may only be received by completing 8 orange Bible lessons, brown Bible merits may only be received by completing 8 brown Bible lessons, and Spirit Challenge awards may only be received by completing 25 Spirit Challenge lessons. However, boys in smaller outposts where age groups are often combined have difficulty earning Bible merits or Spirit Challenges through the regular weekly meeting process, hindering their advancements. To eliminate this obstacle, the following change has been made.

Beginning April 1, 2019, boys may use ANY approved Bible lesson to meet orange Bible merit, brown Bible merit, or Spirit Challenge award requirements. Approved lessons include ANY Bible lesson found in the Royal Rangers curriculum as well as any Bible lesson approved by your pastor.

This change enables outposts leaders teaching combined groups to teach one lesson, allowing every boy in the group to receive credit toward his next Bible merit or Spirit Challenge.

For example, if a smaller outpost consisted of three Discovery Rangers, two Adventure Rangers, and one Expedition Ranger and the boys were kept together in one group, the leader could teach any approved Bible lesson (as described above), and the Discovery Rangers would receive credit toward their next orange Bible merit, the Adventure Rangers would receive credit toward their next brown Bible merit, and the Expedition Ranger would receive credit toward his next Spirit Challenge.

This change yields additional benefits as well. Outposts may now easily participate in all-church discipleship campaigns or Bible-lesson series developed by their pastor. Churches not affiliated with the Assemblies of God may now utilize their own discipleship materials in place of the official Royal Rangers Bible lessons. Outpost leaders are empowered to provide Bible lessons that meet the spiritual needs of the boys in their group, enabling them to more effectively “pastor” their boys into Christlike manhood.

It is important to note that structure of the Royal Rangers advancement system has not changed. Only the list of sources from which Bible lessons may be taken has changed.