Become a Swordsman Today

May 26, 2021

In August 2020, the Swordsman program was launched as a means of encouraging leaders and boys to develop the personal habit of daily Bible reading. Research has shown that individuals who are engaged in reading and studying Scripture on a regular basis experience significance evidence of spiritual growth, including an increased likelihood of sharing their faith with others.


Swordsmen are individuals who have made the commitment to read their Bible at least ten minutes per day at least four times per week. Reading may be done in any Bible version, using the format of your choice—print, digital, or online. You choose the passages to read each day. The program provides no directive on how, or where, or when to read the Bible. It merely encourages individuals to read regularly and allow the Holy Spirit to apply the truths of Scripture to their daily lives.


To date, over 700 individuals have enlisted as Swordsmen including leaders, boys, parents, pastors, and others. You too can join us and become a Swordsman today by completing a simple online form at There’s no cost to join, and anyone can participate.


These are several items available for Swordsmen to show their commitment to Bible reading—label pin, coin, and patch. An annual coin is available for those who consistently meet the reading requirement throughout the year. Details can be found on the Swordsman webpage.


Complete placement information can be found in the Royal Rangers Uniform Guide. Below shows a couple of photos for patch placement on the utility uniform vests.

                           LeaderPatch                                                          BoyPatch

LeaderVest     BoyVest