Leader Training Award Applications Process

One of my tasks in the national office is processing leader award applications (OLAL, OLT, & MOE). I am a strong believer in Royal Rangers leaders being recognized for making the effort to attend training, for mentoring boys on a weekly basis, and for taking additional responsibilities in leadership and service. These leaders should receive recognition for their personal accomplishments and ministry wins. They are helping to carry out God’s plan for boys to grow into godly men in a secular world.

As with most awards, there is an application process for obtaining the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels, Organizational Leadership Training levels, and Medal of Excellence awards. It is critical that applications be filled out completely and correctly. Unfortunately, I often receive applications that have missing or incorrect information, which leads to frustration for the applicant because additional details must be submitted. Ultimately, this leads to delays in the entire awards process.

If you are ready to submit an OLAL, OLT, or MOE application, there are steps you can take to ensure that your application is complete and accurate so it can be processed in the appropriate timeframe without delay.

  1. If the application requires the signature of a district director (OLAL), district training coordinator (OLAL), or pastor (MOE), please be sure this is obtained before submission.
  2. When requesting this signature, do so at a time that is convenient for them. This will ensure that the application can be reviewed thoroughly to avoid a potential discrepancy. If he is in the middle of duties at powwow, Ranger Derby, or a church event, that’s probably not a good time.
  3. Ensure that all blanks on the application are complete. This includes completion dates as well as other requested information. For example, the Safety OLAL application asks for the name of the organization through which the First Aid/CPR training was taken and the date the training was completed.
  4. Submission of supporting information (copies of training certificates or other pertinent documents) with an OLAL or OLT app is encouraged and can often be very helpful.

All leader award applications are available for download from the awards page. Contact your district training coordinator or visit the training page if you have any questions about leader awards.