National Training for the 3rd Quarter of 2019

May 29, 2019

The 2nd quarter of national training is now in the rearview mirror. Of course, we now turn our attention to our scheduled upcoming 3rd quarter offering. Although for many, summer is a time to take a break; however, four of our districts have said, “No way! Let’s do more training!” You’ll notice we have two NRMC’s in Missouri in September at the beginning and end of the month. Why would a district need NRMC twice in the same month? Well, these events are in two different districts in two different regions.

We hate to cancel national training events. That normally happens only because we don’t get enough applications. Remember, the decision for “Go” or “No Go” for the camp typically happens just after the advertised discount deadline. Are you waiting to see if your event is a “Go” before you register? You could be the one to make it happen. Register now!


  • No national training events


  • WCO 23-24 @ Camp Wilderness in Fort Meade, FL


  • NRMC 06-08 @ Eagle Rock Retreat Center in Eagle Rock, MO
  • AA 16-21 @ Eagle Rock Retreat Center in Eagle Rock, MO
  • NA 18-21 @ Eagle Rock Retreat Center in Eagle Rock, MO
  • NRMC 27-29 @ Camp Jo-Ota in Clarence, MO
  • NRMC 27-29 @ Camp Spencer YMCA in Whiteford, MD

For more information on these training events, refer to our national training page. To register for an event, visit our schedule page.