Ranger Basics Is Under Construction

July 2020

Whenever I see an “Under Construction” sign on my way to work, my heart sinks just a little, and I begin asking myself questions. What will this construction cost me in terms of traffic delays, undue road debris, and list goes on? When will it be opened back up? However, I also know that same sign represents progress, enhancement, and quite possibly an improved path to work.


The Ranger Basics you have known and loved for the past decade is under construction. Internally, here at the national office, caution tape has been strung, traffic cones have been strategically placed, and striped orange barriers have been set. Well, at least in my mind it has. (Grin!)


Seriously though, Ranger Basics is undergoing a full reconstruction. You’ve seen the road construction that grinds off the top layer of asphalt to place the new wearing layer of asphalt. The road looks and functions basically the same as before, except now the asphalt is darker and the painted lines are brighter and crisper. Then, there is the road construction that tears up the entire road including the subgrade. This type of road construction typically creates not only a smoother driving surface, but new lanes and the latest road enhancements may have been added to help the traffic move even better than before. Dare I say, sometimes the new road isn’t even recognizable from what it was. This is the type of construction that Ranger Basics is undergoing.


This new training will still provide solid entry level training for all our new leaders. New enhancements will be available for the leader who works weekends or lives in a remote area. The ability to travel at your own speed will now be available. You can take a leisurely side street speed or the Autobahn; it will be your choice.


The current Ranger Basics is still available and will remain available for a transitional period after the new version is released. However, I think once you experience the new version you won’t want to travel the old road ever again.


Intrigued? Mid-August is the targeted release date. Keep an eye on the Royal Rangers national website, our Facebook page, and the next release of Rangers NOW for this new and improved training.



Mentoring Future Men together/remotely in 2020,