Ranger Basics Is Now Ranger Foundations

September 2, 2020

Although the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across our nation, there were at least a couple of good things to come of it, at least from my standpoint. While the pandemic caused multiple national training events to be cancelled or postponed and the postponement of Camporama until July 2022, it created a void that allowed Ranger Basics to be completely overhauled. Ranger Basics (RB) is now Ranger Foundations (RF).


So, besides a new name and patch design, what has changed? Well, I’m glad you asked.


  • RF will be available online and in a partial classroom version.
    • You can access the online sessions from the Royal Rangers website at: Online Training
    • The online RF will be available starting October 1, 2020.
    • Online sessions must be taken in order.
    • All online sessions are available for 3 months from date of purchase.
    • The classroom version will be available starting October 15, 2020.
  • RF is 15 sessions in length
    • Each session contains a video and a 10-question quiz. The videos are anywhere from 7 to 20 minutes in length.
    • Each quiz requires a passing score of 80%. That means you can get 2 of the 10 questions wrong and still pass.
    • The quiz is open resource. Each session will state which chapter(s) the material is taken from, and the quiz is based on that chapter(s).
    • All RF materials are taken from your Royal Rangers Leader Manual, 2019 edition. (Hint: you will need a copy of the new Leader Manual to pass the quizzes.)
  • The RF will be offered in Training Paths.
    • Training Path #1 (TP#1) is completely online, meaning all 15 sessions are taken online.
      • Training Path #1 special introductory price is $40.00.
    • Training Path #2 (TP#2) is the classroom version. Sessions 1–8 must be taken online and sessions 9–15 are offered in a classroom setting. This allows for RF to be completed in an evening or a half day on Saturday.
      • Training Path #2 special introductory price is $18.00 for the online session 1–8.
      • The cost of the classroom portion is determined by your district/section hosting the event.
      • Training Path #3 special introductory price is $22.00 for online sessions 9–15.
    • Training Path #3 (TP#3) is completed online, meaning sessions 9–15 are taken online. This Training Path is offered to the leader for two reasons:
      1. The leader signs up for TP#2 and plans to take the classroom portion in his section or district, but the classroom training gets cancelled for some reason. This allows the leader to continue his training and complete RF.
      2. TP#3 also allows a leader to take a little more time to complete his online training by completing TP#1 within a 3-month block and then completing TP#3 in another 3-month block.
    • Special Introductory Pricing is only available through December 31, 2020. Then, we will move to the standard price structure.
  • Certificates:
    • TP#1: Upon successful completion of all 15 sessions, you will receive an online completion certificate for sessions 1–15.
    • TP#2: Upon successful completion of sessions 1–8, you will receive an online completion certificate for sessions 1–8. Upon completion of the classroom setting you will receive a 2nd completion certificate (hardcopy) for sessions 9–15.
    • TP#3: Upon successful completion sessions 9–15, you will receive an online completion certificate for sessions 9–15.
  • Equity:
    • Ranger Basics and Ranger Foundations are considered equivalent. Thus, if you have already completed Ranger Basics, you are not required to take Ranger Foundations. However, we think once you see the content of RF you just might want to take it anyway.
  • Transition Period:
    • Both RB and RF will coexist until the end of the year. As January 1, 2021, RB will no longer be offered, available, or accepted as the first training in the Ready level of the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels.
  • Ranger Foundations Sessions:
    • Session 1: Introduction* (Chapter 2)
    • Session 2: The Basics: Welcome to Royal Rangers* (Chapter 3)
    • Session 3: Safety & Supervision* (Chapter 27)
    • Session 4: Our Missions, Methods, & Mentoring Process (Chapter 4)
    • Session 5: A Spirit Empowered Church (Chapter 4)
    • Session 6: Program Structure & Leadership (Chapter 5)
    • Session 7: Alternate Outpost Structure Options (Chapter 5)
    • Session 8: Leader Training (Chapter 8)
    • Session 9: The Weekly Meetings (Chapter 9)
    • Session 10: Curriculum & Resources (Chapter 10)
    • Session 11: Uniform & Insignia (Chapter 11)
    • Session 12: The Advancement System (Chapter 16)
    • Session 13: Patrol System Matrix (Chapters 23 & 45)
    • Session 14: Annual Planning (Chapter 29)
    • Session 15: Wrap-Up (Chapters 8 & 15)

*Sessions 1, 2, and 3 are free. Yes, I said free. The intent is to be able to allow pastors and children’s worker to get a taste of what Royal Rangers is all about.


I know this has been a lot to digest in one article, but on the release date of October 1, 2020, the Ranger Foundations Online Start Guide will be available for download (free of charge). The information contained herein and much more will be in this document and will include FAQ and more to help you navigate the new Ranger Foundations!


RF will still provide solid entry level training for all our new leaders. The new enhancements will now be available for the leader who works weekends or lives in a remote area who could not otherwise attend a classroom setting.


We had planned on a mid-August release, but quite frankly, we think you’ll find the quality and content of the new Ranger Foundations sessions to be well worth the wait.


What is next? Ranger Safety will be refurbished to align with today’s needs, and Ranger Essentials will receive an entire overhaul and emerge as Ranger Mentoring.


Stay tuned, we are just getting started.


Mentoring Future Men together/remotely in 2020,