The Importance of Training

August 25, 2021

In seven years as the Royal Rangers national training assistant, I have spoken with so many leaders that were amazed by their experience at the NRMC and with guys for which starting their Ranger Foundations or Ranger Safety training online was like opening a present on Christmas morning. I have also talked with some who do not understand why Royal Rangers training is continuous and encouraged (and now required with Ranger Safety) and who aren’t sure how new training is relevant to them after years of service in their outposts. Well, this article is for those leaders. I want to share why Royal Rangers training is so vitally important to our ministry and to all those in it.


First, training in Royal Rangers should be viewed as an opportunity. Proverbs 18:15 (NLT) says, “Intelligent people are always ready to learn. Their ears are open for knowledge.” As Royal Rangers leaders, we should seek ways that we can better mentor boys. More importantly, we should seek ways to grow spiritually ourselves because we can’t lead boys where we’ve never been. All training in Royal Rangers is designed to help with both of these.


Second, the training provided in Royal Rangers is of the highest quality. Whether you are watching a training video online or reviewing the student guide you received at a training event, you can be assured that countless hours and creative thought went into the development of that material so that you have the best information to become a more effective leader.


Finally, Royal Rangers does not advance and move forward as the premiere ministry to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men without leaders who are trained and have the desire to see their fellow leaders trained. At district training events, your instructors have completed Training Academy, which has given them all of the skills needed to provide you with a great classroom experience. At national training events, such as NRMC, your instructors have completed National Academy and Advanced Academy. They are passionate about giving you excellent instruction, but more importantly, they want you to feel the power of the Holy Spirit like never before. It’s that desire to see leaders trained that drives instructors to hone their skills at each level of their training to make them better instructors for your events.


We know as Christians that God does not want us to be lukewarm. He wants us to do everything with excellence. No matter how long you have been a leader, you have seen our culture change. If we are not constantly seeking to be effective leaders as culture changes, then we will not be able to accomplish the mission of our ministry—to mentor the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.


Because the boys in our culture are constantly changing, our methods of engaging boys have to continually change. Therefore, when our methods change, we need to learn how to implement those new methods. We also have to learn how to lead a safe, secure outpost as culture changes. What may have been considered best safety practices in the 1960s when Royal Rangers started has expanded over the decades. This is why making sure leaders are updated in the Ranger Safety course is so important. There is not a single ministry, business, or organization that has continued to be successful by being unwilling to grow, change, and adapt to the current environment. The large empty spaces in malls and shopping centers are prime examples of that. I do not want Royal Rangers to become like a once busy retail space that now sits empty. I want our ministry to continue to be the light to boys everywhere who need Jesus.


I encourage all leaders who have not been through any Royal Rangers training to do so soon through a district event, a national training event, or an online course. For those who have been hesitant to consider completing new training, I challenge you to do so now. Complete the exciting new Ranger Safety course. (Remember, it is required every three years, starting September 1.) If a WCO is coming up in your area, encourage your fellow outpost leaders to attend by offering to go with them. Training in Royal Rangers has been created so you have the opportunity to grow both in the ministry and in your walk with Christ. Never let this opportunity pass you by.