NRMC Update to the Conference Format

February 1, 2024

In 2010, the National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC) was released as part of a comprehensive update to the Royal Rangers leader training process. NRMC replaced National Training Camp (NTC) as the primary national training event for leaders and refocused the training content being presented from a series of basic camping skills to a variety of fun activities representing all the core competencies of Royal Rangers.


While NRMC has continued as an effective mechanism for training Royal Rangers leaders for the past thirteen years, the need for an update has become increasingly evident. Therefore, in 2023, some aspects of NRMC were changed to enable this event to be conducted in a non-camping environment and expand the content being presented to provide leaders with a more comprehensive learning experience.


This update includes the following key features:

  1. All the manhood sessions and Saturday activities remain unchanged.
  2. Patrols may now be housed indoors or outdoors, depending on the facilities available, but no inspections of patrol campsites or bedrooms are included.
  3. Camping skills will now be taught at a separate event, called Outdoor Skills Action Camp, which will be presented in a district action camp setting.
  4. All meals are prepared by the staff and served together in the dining hall. No meals are prepared or served in campsites or patrol housing.
  5. Trainee housing may vary from one location to another. Trainees may be housed on-site (in tents, dorms, etc.) or off-site on their own. If housed off-site, trainees are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. They will leave camp each evening and return each morning.
  6. Staff may be housed on-site or off-site, depending on the facilities available, but the cost of staff housing will always be covered as an expense of the camp.
  7. Camp registration fees may vary between locations due to the housing options available or the options chosen by each trainee individually.
  8. This event could be conducted at a church or similar location where the following space is available:
    1. Large meeting room
    2. Kitchen and food storage facilities
    3. Outdoor space for the Saturday activities
    4. Housing for staff (depends on location)
  9. Evening activities have been moved earlier in the schedule to allow time for trainees to drive to their chosen housing locations at the end of the day. This time has been taken from time previous required for preparing meals in the campsites, so the time required for evening activities is not affected.
  10. Pre-camp arrival and setup time for staff has been reduced somewhat due to the elimination of the model campsite and the need to inspect and test patrol equipment.
  11. Significant time was gained due to the elimination of camp setup and breakdown, and patrol meal prep and cleanup times. This time was used to add the following class sessions to provide trainees with a more complete training experience at NRMC.
    1. What Is Royal Rangers?
    2. The Seven Methods of Royal Rangers
    3. Value of Gender-Specific Ministry
    4. Growing Boys into Christlike Men
    5. The Weekly Outpost Meeting
    6. Awards, Uniforms, & Insignia
    7. Annual Program Planning
    8. Providing a Safe Place for Boys
    9. Preparing Boys for Leadership
    10. The Ideals of Royal Rangers
    11. Our Mentoring Process


A new NRMC Staff Notebook, providing all the details on this new format, is now available to all graduates of National Academy via the “National Academy Graduates” section of AG Ranger Passport on the national website. Some activity documents are still only available via an online file sharing system from the national office.


This format is planned for use at all NRMC events in 2024 and beyond. As feedback is received, additional updates may be necessary over time and will be included in the NRMC Staff Notebook.