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National Prayer Vigil

National Prayer Vigil is held on the final two days (Friday and Saturday) of National Royal Rangers Week. Just as Jesus asked His disciples to pray with Him for just one hour, we ask boys, young men, and Royal Rangers leaders from around the world to pray for ONE hour during this vigil.

Our chief discipline as Royal Rangers leaders must be prayer. He is our source; He is the vine, and we are the branch. Apart from Him, we can do nothing of eternal value! Jesus asked His disciples to pray with Him for just one hour. That is what we ask of every boy, young man, and leader in Royal Rangers in October. Pray for one hour anytime on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of National Royal Rangers Week. If possible, make this a time of corporate prayer, inviting Royal Rangers, junior leaders, adult leaders, parents, and pastors to pray together.

To provide focus, use this prayer guide that divides your hour into three 20-minute periods:

  1. Pray for Royal Rangers missions around the world. Review our BGMC "Catapult 700" project materials and our article on the Kenya Pathfinders trip for details.
  2. Pray for national and district leadership and ministry vision
  3. Pray for local outpost leaders and ministry.

Before and after each period, sing praise and worship songs. Conclude by praying for one another. Two things will surprise you: how fast the time will fly and how powerful this experience and its results will be. Our nation-wide, indeed worldwide, call to prayer will enable us to "influence more boys and young men than ever, more effectively than ever!"

You may also choose to fast. If you are new to fasting, Richard Foster offers some excellent guidance in a chapter of his book Celebration of Discipline . Others may chooseto extend beyond an hour. Do as the Lord leads.

Finally, please share your experience. Let us know what God does. Email us at Your story will be a source of encouragement.

Prayer is an act of obedience and an expression of faith. God acts on our behalf when we trust and obey. Your participation will produce results for you and for the Rangers ministry at all levels, at home and abroad.

Will you accept the challenge? Will you pray for one hour during the Royal Rangers International Prayer Vigil?