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Welcome to the Rangers Online Superstore, your source for everything “Rangers”!  Whether you're looking for patches & pins, hats, t-shirts, or any other Ranger gear, this store has it all. All Royal Rangers products and supplies available from Gospel Publishing House (GPH) are available here. The categories below provide a convenient structure to assist you in finding the products you are looking for.

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SPECIAL NOTE:  All chartered Royal Rangers outposts receive a 15% discount on all Ranger products ordered through this online store. For more information on chartering, click here.


Getting Started (pg. 3)

Curriculum (pg. 4-5)

Ranger Kids (pg. 6-9)

Discovery Rangers (pg.10-13)

Adventure Rangers (pg. 14-17)

Expedition Rangers (pg. 18-21)


Awards & Recognition (pg. 22-25)

Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (pg. 26-27)

Ranger Derby (pg. 28-29)

Ranger Wear/Uniforms (pg. 30-35)

Insignia (pg. 36-38)

Training (pg. 39-41)

Promotional (pg. 42-43)

Other Ranger Resources (pg. 44-47)