Merits Homepage

Merits represent the building blocks of the Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers advancement systems.  Boys in these groups complete advancement steps as they progress through the system based on the number of merits earned in each category.  Merits are categorized by the color of the border on the merit patch and the type of material covered, such as leadership, skills, or Bible.

Skill Merits

Skill merits serve to build confidence and competency through the development of skills in a variety of subjects.  Completion of a specified number of skill merits is required for each advancement step in Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers.  Skill merits are classified into three color categories, with BLUE representing basic skills, GREEN representing intermediate skills, and SILVER representing advanced skills.

The following links provide access to pages where all skill merit requirements can be found.  Leader's teaching materials for skill merits, as well as patch artwork for certificates, can be found in TRaCclub, the Royal Rangers online resource delivery system.

Leadership Merits

Leadership Merits are a new category of merits developed for the 2010 advancement system and are a required advancement component for all Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers.  Leadership merits are RED for Discovery Rangers, GOLD for Adventure Rangers, and SKY BLUE for Expedition Rangers.  More information on Leadership Merits can be found on our Local Junior Leader Training page.  Leaders teaching materials and patch artwork for Leadership Merits are available exclusively through TRaCclub.

Bible Merits

Bible Merits represent the discipleship system for Discovery and Adventure Rangers.  A total of 30 Bible merits are available:  15 orange Bible merits for Discovery Rangers and 15 brown Bible merits for Adventure Rangers.  Leaders teaching materials for all Bible merits can be found in TRaCclub, as well as all Bible merit patch artwork.

Additional information on Bible merits can be found on the Bible Merits page.

NOTE:  Bible merits are not used in Ranger Kids since discipleship material is incorporated directly into the weekly curriculum.  Expedition Rangers likewise do not use Bible merits but rather utilize a weekly group Bible study format known as Spirit Challenges.