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Master's Toolbox: Convoy of Hope

Whether your outpost is large or small, we all have a part to play and can help in raising money for Master’s Toolbox. For 2021, our goal is to have every Royal Rangers outpost give to Royal Rangers/BGMC Master’s Toolbox. Working together, we can reach this goal. This article will share what the new project is for the next two years.

Why Shooting Sports is an Effective Tool for Ministry

Our newest NSSP ambassador explains why he feels shooting sports is an effective ministry tool not just for Royal Rangers but for the entire family.

Spring Crafts 2021

In spring months, many parts of the country have many nights that they are not able to go outside for activities due to inclement weather. This article provides several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups. There are also ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day crafts.

Outpost Health Assessment

Our ability to fulfill the Royal Rangers mission in any given community is largely a product of the health of the outposts in that area. How do we evaluate outpost health? What are the key factors or features that identify a healthy outpost? Whether your outpost is large or small or whether it has been in existence for 50 years or just started, read this article to assess the health of your outpost.

Territorial Rendezvous

The FCF national coordinator recalls his first territorial rendezvous in the Voyager territory (Great Lakes region) as a brand new FCF member. For him as an adult, this event held wonder and excitement. Imagine what the young men in your outpost will think when they go to their first territorial rendezvous this year. (See the full schedule of event dates.)

Camp Eagle Rock Projects Completed

In a year in which we all experienced change, our family expected lots of change moving into our new role as the managers of the National Royal Rangers Training Center, but we never expected the change that we received. With a move to a new state, the kids starting at new schools, and Becky and me starting new jobs and ministries, our goal was to figure out how to run a camp and get through Camporama at the same time. I began laying out plans and figuring out costs, and like that it vanished. COVID-19 was upon us. Groups cancelled, Camporama was postponed, and the future was uncertain. During this season of pause, read about the things that have been accomplished at the camp that would not have been possible during our normal camp season and Camporama.

Catapult700 Update 2020

I’ve long dreamed of scaling the heights of Mount Everest. Oh, to join the ranks of men like Sir Edmund Hillary, George Mallory, and Jim Whittaker! I marvel at the thrill of the adventure, the excitement of the chilly climb, and the exhilaration of reaching the summit. Three years ago, we began the awesome adventure of Catapult700. Read this article to see how this journey has progressed in 2020.

Preserving Royal Rangers History

Did you know the Royal Rangers office is actively preserving our history. Read this article to see how we are working to save our history physically and digitally. Do you have historical items that you want to donate or have displayed at a national event? Read to find out how to do just that.

Pathfinders Build Churches in Togo, Africa

All of these tabernacles were sponsored by Royal Rangers outposts across the United States by giving to the BGMC Master’s Toolbox Tabernacle project. These are the first of many churches that will be built around the world because of the generosity of our boys and leaders.

LEAD21 in Tulsa, OK

After a year of quarantines, shutdowns, and virtual meetings I am looking forward with great anticipation to getting together with district and regional leaders from across the US as we gather in Tulsa, OK for LEAD21. Our theme for this conference is “Multiply,” focusing on expanding our influence.

LEGO® Derby

The traditional Ranger Derby in our local outpost and section has been a popular event with boys and girls, parents, and the community for decades. In 2017, our outpost decided to think outside the box and try something a little different. Instead of the traditional Ranger Derby with the wood blocks and woodworking tools, we decided on having a LEGO® Derby.

Fall and Christmas Craft Ideas

In fall and winter months, many parts of the country have many nights that they are not able to go outside for activities due to inclement weather or the sun setting earlier. This article provides several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups.

Adult & Junior Leader Awards: COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across our great nation. Our adult and junior awards for the 2019-2020 season have been affected as well. These awards also impact the World Class District. What are we going to do about it?

Staff Spotlight: Introducing Southeast Region Coordinator

We are excited to announce that Tom Saccenti has been approved by the Assemblies of God leadership as the new Royal Rangers Southeast region coordinator in September 2020.

Ranger Derby

Ranger Derby is a time to reach boys for Christ, grow your outpost, find new leaders, and see boys’ relationships with their fathers strengthened. This article gives some practical ideas for your next Ranger Derby event.

Mentoring Boys in the Season of COVID-19

Changing seasons in life can often bring fear, worry, and uncertainty. In this season of uncertainty, the value of mentoring boys into the men of God they were created to be has never been more important. What is the most important thing to remember when mentoring in the season of COVID-19?

Pathfinders Make a Way in Spite of COVID-19 and Cancellations

When Rangers have it in their hearts to serve, nothing will stop them from finding a place. This was the case for a Pathfinder team who were scheduled for a trip to Alaska in early August. About a week before the team was to leave, Delta Airlines canceled the return flight without another option to get the entire team home. What were they going to do?

Every Man a Swordsman

Anyone who has served in the Marine Corps learned the mantra, “Every Marine is a rifleman.” Regardless of what the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) will be, the ability to shoot and handle a weapon efficiently is learned by everyone. As Christians, we must remember that we are in a spiritual battle. Whatever role we fill in our daily responsibilities, there is an enemy who wants destroy our lives. When the enemy tries to "come over the wall," we must be ready pick up our weapon and be able to use it efficiently.

Introducing the Royal Rangers Podcast

Some time ago, we began exploring the idea of creating a Royal Rangers audio podcast as a means for sharing news, updates, and reliable program information with outpost leaders on a regular, ongoing basis. We are now pleased to announce that this podcast has become a reality and is now available on a variety of podcast platforms.

Four Habits of Physical Health

The pursuit of physical health among boys has long been one of the stated objectives of the Royal Rangers program. The four gold points of the Royal Rangers emblem represent the four ways a boy grows, signifying the four ways the Royal Rangers programs seeks to facilitate growth in our boys. Physical health is one of them.

Parent Guide to Abuse Prevention Discontinued

While the topics covered in this booklet continue to be relevant to parents and leaders today, the content has now become dated and does not reflect the most current material available. Current standards for safety and the protection of boys within the outpost can now be found in Chapter 27 of the Royal Rangers Leader Manual.

Royal Rangers NSSP Ambassador

The Royal Rangers National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP) is starting a new NSSP Ambassador program. If you have Expedition Ranger boys involved in shooting sports activities, then they may want to complete the application to become the first NSSP Ambassador.

Staff Spotlight: Introducing Camp Eagle Rock Manager

When Rick and Debbie Barnhouse became the managers for Camp Eagle Rock in January 2017, one of Rick’s goal was to find someone to replace him and mentor for a time to ensure the national campground would be well cared for in the future. Read this article to see the journey the Krauses took from Pennsylvania to Missouri to be our new managers and to see how God orchestrated their life experiences to provide them will all the skills needed to manage Camp Eagle Rock.


The LEAD20 Conference, themed “Seasons,” had attendees thinking about the process of change, timing, and the future. When the national team chose this theme in the early fall of 2019, we had no way of knowing the timeliness of the message or the events that were soon to transpire.

Trail of the Saber - Covid-19 Response

As you are all so aware of, the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our Royal Rangers national training and events as well as district training and events. The Trail of the Saber is not left unscathed during this pandemic fallout. Read this article to find out the national office’s response.

National Weekly Prayer Meeting

Royal Rangers leaders, you have a mission! Join us as we pray for our nation, Royal Rangers, our churches, and our fellow leaders.

Only a Test

Before God delivered Israel from the Midianites, He gathered and army of willing fighters. Then, He tested them to reveal both their faith and their aptitude. Days like the ones we are going through right now will do the same for us.

The Biblical Basis for Ministry to Boys

Years ago, our national leadership of the Assemblies of God realized the need to provide a ministry that would appeal to the unique interests of boys and provide churches with a platform to “reach, teach, and keep” the next generation of boys for Christ. The product of that realization was the Royal Rangers program.

The Adventure Continues...Remotely!

Due to COVID-19 closures, traditional forms of Royal Rangers meetings and activities were cancelled. However, creative outpost leaders have been finding ways to stay engaged with their boys and continue the process of developing Christlike manhood through online meetings or in-home activities with parents.

Friends of the NRA Grants

Have you even wished you had money to either get BB guns, bows, targets, or other shooting sports equipment for your church? I don’t know of one outpost that doesn’t need money for something to enhance their ministry to boys. Well, instead of spending months and months raising funds through multiple events, why not try writing a grant proposal to get the money.

Staff Spotlight: Introducing the New Northwest Region Coordinator

We are excited to announce that Stephen Hackler (Southern Idaho district) has been approved by the Assemblies of God leadership as the new Northwest region coordinator.

Master's Toolbox Update on Catapult700

If you have been wondering what the funds have been doing that you raised for the Catpult700 project, here is our latest update. Read the exciting things happening at the East Africa Training Center and the progress of the translation project.

National Camporama Postponed

Due to the current global pandemic resulting from the COVID-19 virus, the 2020 National Camporama has been postponed for this year.

Remote Rangers Resources Now Available

In response to the global pandemic currently underway resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the resulting quarantines currently in place across the nation, the Royal Rangers national office has provided a series of optional resources for families and outposts to use with their boys to enable them to continue participating in Royal Rangers remotely at home until regular outpost meetings can be resumed.

Resources for Working with Boys with Special Needs

Are you ready to welcome a boy with special needs into your class? There are a couple of great new resources available for any children’s worker. One is a training resources, and the other is a Facebook group.

Camporama FCF Village

Camporama is just around the corner. The Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship is making plans to celebrate this monumental event. The village will take on the look and feel of a frontier camp with all the color and excitement of a rendezvous. All the residents, activities, and demonstrations in the Village will give the feel of a pre-1840 encampment. Come and experience the spirit of brotherhood and community that we share within the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship.

Making Merits Interactive

Boys need activity and learn best in an environment rich with hands-on activities and student participation. Every Royal Rangers meeting must, therefore, be a place where boys are given the opportunity to learn by interactive means and to be directly involved in a variety of physical activities. Consider these suggestions for making your weekly Royal Rangers meetings a fun, hands-on experience for boys.

Royal Rangers on a Holy Land Adventure

Have you found yourself reading the stories of the Bible and imagining what the landscape, people, and locations would have looked like? Do you find yourself picturing what the Valley of Elah would have looked like with the Philistines on one side and the Israelites on the other as Goliath stepped out of his ranks and challenged someone to meet him for a fight? What if you didn’t have to imagine any more?

Take Care of Your Spouse

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. For many couples, February 14 is their chance to express or show their love for their spouse. Why are you only doing this on a greeting card holiday? Expressions of love, honor, and appreciation should be an all year affair.

Camp Eagle Rock Has a New Bridge

April 27, 2017 is a date that will in infamy at Camp Eagle Rock. Torrential downpours and subsequent 100-year flooding pounded our camp. After the flood waters subsided, three bridges were completely lost, including the bridge leading to the south end of the camp and the amphitheater. Without this bridge, Camporama 2020 would not be possible. What was Camp Eagle Rock to do?

The Value of Gender-Specific Ministry Mentoring in Kidmin

Gender-specific mentoring can be a critical component in any healthy discipling relationship. While I wholeheartedly believe we can be discipled by the opposite gender, I also believe that if you’re a man, it’s important to learn from other men (and vice versa). I believe the importance of gender-specific ministry is greatest in the area of children’s ministry.

The Power of Team

Historically, bad guys come in groups, and good guys work alone. Superman, Batman, and the Lone Ranger fought off groups of villains with their skill alone. While they may have had a sidekick, they most certainly didn’t run into battle as a part of a team.

Camporama Video Contest

Share your story about your preparations for National Camporama and win a late-night pool party.

All I Want for Christmas: Camporama

When fall changes to winter, children begin dreaming of the wonders of Christmas. For some, this involves an annual Christmas program at church. Others dream of the annual visit to grandma’s house. Who are we kidding, they, of course, dream of what could be under the tree bearing their names.

Re-Think Outpost Structure

One of the most appealing aspects of the Royal Rangers program is its flexibility and adaptability. Churches currently engaged in Royal Rangers ministries represent significant diversity in size, facilities, budget, and leadership structure. Churches of any size and budget can provide an effective Royal Rangers ministry by applying the principles of the program to the context of their church and community. But in order to identify a program format that meets the unique needs of your church and community it may be necessary to re-think the way you do Royal Rangers.

Mark Your Calendar - Cyber Monday

Each year there are different items marked down for the big weekend. What might the best deals be this year?

Catapult700 Project Report

The Catapult700 project is delivering exciting results in the "Swahili Zone" of East Africa. Check out the article to see how your missions offerings to Master’s Toolbox are impacting an entire region for Christ.

Lost Then Found

Johnathan, had made some decisions that were impetuous and flawed. He declared to his family and friends that he was an atheist, and he was loud and proud of this fact. In Johnathan’s mind, anyone who didn’t agree with his worldview lacked intelligence and an ability to think clearly. How did a kid like this end up in the middle of South Texas at Junior Leadership Development Academy?

Camporama Travel Fun

You signed up to attend Camporama, and now you are on a bus with 25 people for the next 12 hours. What do you do now? Did you really think this part through? Then, the outpost coordinator announces that the first stop on the journey will be shortly after lunch to visit a national park. That’s right. I remember the leader talking about making fun stops on the way there and back.

Four Steps to Keeping Boys Safe

Every week churches across the nation bring men and boys together around fun activities to grow in Christlike manhood, learn new skills, and become a community where men and boys can explore and apply their God-given talents and abilities in building the kingdom of God. To guarantee this process is fulfilled, it is essential that every church and outpost take the essential steps necessary to ensure the safety of every boy participating.

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