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Royal Rangers & Social Media

We live in an age of communication. Things are changing at an extraordinary pace. With each new generation, there is a new way to communicate, and for many, social media is the best opportunity to get the word out. At the local outpost level, you are always trying to leverage the best way to communicate to the families and the community.

The Essential Leader

Over the last thirty years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve in nine different Royal Rangers outposts. I’ve served in large mega churches where hundreds of boys attended Royal Rangers every week, and I’ve served in small churches were the entire outpost met together in one small room, led by me and one other guy. Read this article to learn the key to an effective outpost or any ministry to boys.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Crafts 2023

In the fall, many parts of the country have beautiful fall evenings with cooler temperatures. Some parts of the country experience rainy or snowy nights. Some groups may want to have specific crafts, games, or snacks with a Thanksgiving or Christmas themes. Check out this article for some fund things to do with your boys.

How Can you Help the Autistic Boy in Your Outpost: Kenslow Profile

Do you have a boy with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in your class? This profile on Matthew Kenslow will share his story and give you ideas on how to work with and encourage boys with other abilities to form friendships, to achieve, and to build confidence.

NSSP and NRA Day

How would your outpost, section, or district like to host a one-day shooting sports event that could be free to participants? NRA Day is free to participants, and we find it to be one of the best kept secrets in the shooting sports industry. It brings the professionalism of a shooting program/camp/competition to another level. Maybe several churches in a section would like to get together to host the event.

National Rendezvous: Registration Is Open

Registration for National Rendezvous 2024 is now open. Check out this article to learn about some of the events at the next Rendezvous or about the St. Louis camp for those new to FCF. Would you love to stay in an air-conditioned cabin or RV spot during Rendezvous? Read this article to find out more.

Fall Crafts 2023

In the fall, many parts of the country have beautiful fall evenings with cooler temperatures. Some parts of the country experience rainy or snowy nights. This article provides several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups.

Pathfinder Missions Summit and Team Trips

Click for more information on the 2nd Annual Pathfinder Missions Summit in Pigeon Forge, TN. Some of the money they raise from this summit will go to scholarships to help young men participate in an upcoming Pathfinder trip. If you think you might want to participate in a trip yourself, click here to see a list of upcoming trips through the fall of 2024.

Royal Rangers Week & Prayer Vigil

We minister to boys every week, but how are others to know what we do and how vital this ministry is? Royal Rangers week is a great time to help people in your church learn more about who we are and what we’re about. With a little planning, you can use this special week to celebrate, promote, and help people learn about Royal Rangers. Remember, you need to start planning now!

EveryBoy Initiative Update

Momentum is continuing to build for the EveryBoy Initiative. You may be asking yourself, “What is the EveryBoy Initiative?” It’s a missions initiative to ensure that every boy in the United States hears the gospel, discovers the man he was created to be, builds the confidence needed to succeed and face life well, and develops strong, lifelong friendships through a community of men. Does that sound exciting? Click to read more.

Ranger Mission: Evangelize

What does it mean to evangelize? Often, we equate evangelizing with presenting the gospel. However, evangelism should begin much earlier than that. Evangelism begins with relationship. That is true in Royal Rangers. Read this article to see how many ways your Royal Rangers ministry is involving in evangelism.

Summer Craft Ideas 2023

In summer months, some parts of the country have many nights that they are not able to go outside for activities due to heat advisories. This article provides several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups. There are also ideas for July 4th crafts and water night activities.

Catapult 700 Update

In 2017, Royal Rangers launched Catapult 700, our Master’s Toolbox giving project for 2017-2018. The goal was to raise money to translate the Royal Rangers global curriculum into Swahili and launch 700 outposts. This project captured the hearts of men and boys to increase their giving. Read how this project continues to progress.

EveryBoy Initiative

Royal Rangers is doubling down on its mission to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men. Today our young people, and especially our boys, are under greater attack than at any other time in our history. Culture is actively working to wipe out God’s design of a man and a woman. We must be more intentional than ever to address the needs of this generation.

Territorial Rendezvous

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to attend twenty different Rendezvous, that have included territorial and national events. The theme that moves through every event is brotherhood. Click here to read his experience at territorial and national rendezvous. There is also a schedule of all territorial rendezvous for 2023.

Remembering the First National Rendezvous

This article was first published in the High Adventure Leader in the summer 1996. John Eller, first national FCF president, wrote the article. In 1996, Royal Rangers was preparing to host the seventh National Rendezvous at Eagle Rock, MO.

NSSP Ambassador Program for 2023

Do you have young men in your outpost who excel at shooting sports? The NSSP Ambassador program is a great opportunity for young men to develop valuable life skills, to create relationships that could lead to possible career opportunities, to promote the National Shooting Sports Program of Royal Rangers, and most importantly to create opportunities for ministry to all with whom they interact.

ReStory Ministries at LEAD

There is a growing need in our culture and ministry to respond to the issues of same sex attraction, LGBTQ, and gender identity. With social media, friends, and so many other voices speaking to these topics it is difficult to determine which ones to listen to. A quick search will reveal responses ranging from hostile to condoning and everything in between. ReStory Ministries wants to see every church and believer equipped to respond to these cultural issues. They “believe that when the Church is equipped, new stories of transformation are told!”

Spring Crafts 2023

In spring months, there are nights where you aren’t able to go outside for activities due to inclement weather. This article provides several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups.

Master's Toolbox Propel Peru

Learn more about the 2023-2024 Master’s Toolbox project, Propel Peru. There are several different objectives for this project. How cool would it be to get your boys involved in raising money so kids in Peru could go to church camp. You and older boys could even get involved in building at the campground or in building the first church in a remote village along the river.

NSSP Membership

If you have an interest in shooting sports, whether it be Archery, BB gun, Air Rifle, small bore, shot gun or black powder, then the Royal Rangers National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP) is the place for you. Learn how to become a member and receive a patch to wear on your uniform.

Ministry to Boys Can Take Many Forms

Ministry to boys can take many forms. The form of ministry your church chooses to employ may change over time as you experience seasons of change. Regardless of the season, every church can provide ministry to boys in some form.

Camp Eagle Rock Internship Program

Are any of your boys looking for a summer job? Camp Eagle Rock started an internship program in 2022. It’s not for the faint of heart. The interns work hard. They will learn new skills or hone existing skills. They will also complete many Spirit Challenge lessons. It’s not all about the financial benefit to the interns. They get to help lay the foundation for the campers through fun activities that will prepare them to receive the message of salvation during the evening services.

Pathfinder Missions

Let me begin by introducing the Pathfinder Missions ministry to those who have not heard of us before. Pathfinder Missions was started as an arm of Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) as an avenue for men and boys to go on mission trips, using their primitive camping and other skills learned in Royal Rangers. It has expanded to include both international and domestic mission trips. In the earlier years, those with the skills to camp in the primitive conditions where the groups went were mostly Royal Rangers. However, you do not have to be associated with Royal Rangers to participate in a Pathfinder Missions trip.

The Ongoing Tradition of National Camporama

In the summer of 1974, men and boys from across the nation gathered at the US Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the first ever National Camporama. The Royal Rangers program had only been in existence for a dozen years, and this event provided the first opportunity for Royal Rangers from every part of the nation to come together for a time of fun, fellowship, and spiritual renewal. At Camporama 2022, we will be reminded once again what it means to be a Royal Ranger and prepare our hearts for the journey ahead—wherever the paths may lead.

Winter & Christmas Crafts 2021

In the winter, many parts of the country have evenings that are too cold to venture outside. Other parts of the country have milder winters. Below are several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups for those who aren’t able to be outside during winter months, giving boys a creative outlet. I even found a great craft that I think the Adventure and Expedition Rangers would enjoy.

Black Light Derby

We have shared several articles on Ranger Derby, showing different ways that an outpost or district can create new excitement for this annual event. This article is about holding the Ranger Derby under black lights and painting the cars with fluorescent paint. Hear what worked and what didn’t work. Read the suggestions and tips for making your next Rangers Derby a black light version.

Camporama for Christmas!

Boys are always dreaming of the wonders of Christmas. Will what they have wished for these past several months now be under the tree. Parents and grandparents often wonder what would be the best gift for the boys in their lives? This Christmas why not make a young man’s dream come true while giving a gift of eternal impact—give the gift of Camporama.

Fall Crafts 2021

In the fall, many parts of the country have beautiful fall evenings with cooler temperatures. Some parts of the country experience rainy or snowy nights. This article provides several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups.

The New Regional Conference Plan for 2022

If you haven’t heard, the national office has moved the LEAD National Conference to an every other year format. Beginning in 2022, the Royal Rangers national office will partner with the regions to provide a new experience at the regional conferences. If you have never attended your region’s conference, this article will share the basics of the regional conference concept.

Royal Rangers Prayer Vigil

Royal Rangers has been through a season of challenges, but I don’t think it has been by accident. These past few years have been hard on our ministry, but we continue to change our would one boy at a time. Just as Jesus asked His disciples, we ask you. Will you pray for one hour? Read this article for additional information and links for the Prayer Vigil.

Adventure Trips for Older Boys, Part 2

Want to do an Adventure Trip at your outpost but don’t know where to begin. The first place to start is with an adventure the boys will want to do. You might ask, “When do you start your process of planning?” Your questions will be answered, and strategies for planning an adventure trip are shared in this article.

UPDATE: Adult & Junior Leader Awards: COVID19 Response

You may think this title sounds familiar. You would be correct. This article was originally released in October 2020, but we had to make an update for this new season. If you an organizational leader at any level, then you will want to read this article.

The Importance of Charter Registration

In Royal Rangers, one of the most misunderstood areas is charter registration. We are often asked these questions: Is chartering necessary? Are we required to charter? Why do we need to charter? Charter registration provides four major benefits to Royal Rangers which helps to strengthen the program and ensure its health and growth.

Adventure Trip for Older Boys, Part 1

After doing Adventure Trips with older boys for over ten years and looking back, I see how the boys have grown through them. Every boy craves adventure and fun. While these trips are not all easy, in fact some have been very challenging, it has brought meaning to them and has prepared them for life as a man God will use.

Training to Teach Shooting Sports

Boys love to shoot. Shooting sports is a great tool to get boys interested in the Royal Rangers program. In order to safely teach the shooting sports, leaders need to be properly trained. You may be asking yourself, “How do I get the training I need to conduct safe firearm training for my outpost?” Read this article to find out.

Summer Craft Ideas

In summer months, some parts of the country have many nights that they are not able to go outside for activities due to heat advisories. This article provides several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups. There are also ideas for July 4th crafts and water night activities.

God’s Word Will Keep Your Light Shining Bright

The most effective way to guard your heart against the darkness of the world around you is to fill it with good things, and the best thing we can fill it with is the truth of God’s Word. That’s why the practice of regularly filling your heart and mind with God’s Word is so essential to becoming the man God created you to be.

Royal Rangers 60th Anniversary

In 2022, Royal Rangers will celebrate its 60th anniversary. We have been “Reaching, Teaching, and Keeping boys for Christ” by God’s grace for all these years, and now it is time to celebrate. Our big celebration will be at Camporama, July 10–15, 2022. In August 2021, Royal Rangers will launch a new catalog out that includes two full pages of 60th anniversary products.

Camporama Registration Opens

In just over two months, on September 1, registration will open for Camporama 2022. Although the “The Ultimate Event for Guys” is over a year away, your Royal Rangers national staff are hard at work working on all of those behind-the-scenes activities that will make this the best Camporama yet. What do we need to know about registration? All registrations for Camporama 2022 will be online only. Read more to find out all the details in the new process.

Become a Swordsman Today

In August 2020, the Swordsman program was launched as a means of encouraging leaders and boys to develop the personal habit of daily Bible reading. See a preview of where the new Swordsman patch can be worn on the uniform and vest.

COVID-19 in Review: A National Training Perspective

We are all too familiar how the devastation of COVID-19 has touched every one of us in one way or another. Loss of employment, loss of loved ones, emptying savings accounts, and the list goes on. Here is a review of the past year and half considering COVID-19 from a national training perspective.

Cardboard Boat Races

Read how one district makes its regatta one of the most anticipated event of the year. This might be the inspiration for your outpost, section, or district to start its own regatta at a lake or pool in your area.

Royal Rangers Year in Review

The last year has brought not only a new way of life for most of the world but also some significant new developments in Royal Rangers as well. As the scope of this pandemic started to unfold in March 2020, the national team pivoted their attention on developing elements that would benefit the local leaders and ministries during the pandemic and beyond.

Helping People through Convoy of Hope

Last Rangers NOW brought you an overall picture of Master’s Toolbox and introduced our 2021-2022 project for Convoy of Hope. If you’re not sure what this Convoy of Hope project is about, click this article and read about each why your outpost could be involved.

Master's Toolbox: Convoy of Hope

Whether your outpost is large or small, we all have a part to play and can help in raising money for Master’s Toolbox. For 2021, our goal is to have every Royal Rangers outpost give to Royal Rangers/BGMC Master’s Toolbox. Working together, we can reach this goal. This article will share what the new project is for the next two years.

Why Shooting Sports is an Effective Tool for Ministry

Our newest NSSP ambassador explains why he feels shooting sports is an effective ministry tool not just for Royal Rangers but for the entire family.

Spring Crafts 2021

In spring months, many parts of the country have many nights that they are not able to go outside for activities due to inclement weather. This article provides several craft ideas for your Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers groups. There are also ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day crafts.

Outpost Health Assessment

Our ability to fulfill the Royal Rangers mission in any given community is largely a product of the health of the outposts in that area. How do we evaluate outpost health? What are the key factors or features that identify a healthy outpost? Whether your outpost is large or small or whether it has been in existence for 50 years or just started, read this article to assess the health of your outpost.

Territorial Rendezvous

The FCF national coordinator recalls his first territorial rendezvous in the Voyager territory (Great Lakes region) as a brand new FCF member. For him as an adult, this event held wonder and excitement. Imagine what the young men in your outpost will think when they go to their first territorial rendezvous this year. (See the full schedule of event dates.)

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