Program Helps

Making Merits Interactive

Boys need activity and learn best in an environment rich with hands-on activities and student participation. Every Royal Rangers meeting must, therefore, be a place where boys are given the opportunity to learn by interactive means and to be directly involved in a variety of physical activities. Consider these suggestions for making your weekly Royal Rangers meetings a fun, hands-on experience for boys.

The Royal Rangers Discipleship Model

For over 50 years, the Royal Rangers program has provided churches with an effective process for reaching boys and discipling them into Christlike manhood. During this time, Royal Rangers program has adapted in order to provide churches with a boys’ ministry option that meets the changing needs and interests of their boys. However, two aspects of the Royal Rangers program have never changed—our mentoring mission and our ministry model.

Four Steps to Keeping Boys Safe

Every week churches across the nation bring men and boys together around fun activities to grow in Christlike manhood, learn new skills, and become a community where men and boys can explore and apply their God-given talents and abilities in building the kingdom of God. To guarantee this process is fulfilled, it is essential that every church and outpost take the essential steps necessary to ensure the safety of every boy participating.

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