Program Helps

Award Application Process Update 2024

The Royal Rangers advancement system plays a central role in the process we employ to develop boys into Christlike men. Click here to see how the national office is simplifying and expediting this process for all annual awards.

Valentine’s Day & St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

In the winter, many parts of the country have cold, frigid temperatures. Some groups may want to have specific crafts that match the winter weather outside. Check out this article for some fun things to do with your boys for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. There are also theme snacks and coloring pages. I even found some “Dad Joke” cards that boys can make.

Ministry to Boys Can Take Many Forms

Ministry to boys can take many forms. The form of ministry your church chooses to employ may change over time as you experience seasons of change. Regardless of the season, every church can provide ministry to boys in some form.

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