Program Helps

Making Merits Interactive

Boys need activity and learn best in an environment rich with hands-on activities and student participation. It is therefore essential that the weekly Royal Rangers meeting be a place where boys are given the opportunity to learn by interactive means and to be directly involved in a variety of physical activities. Consider these suggestions for making your weekly meetings a fun, hands-on experience for boys.

Staff Service Awards Update 2017

For some time, an update to the annual service awards system for organizational leaders has been in process. This revised process is much easier for individual award applicants while maintaining the value of tracking significant data to monitor the health of the program.

Royal Rangers & Scouting: A Program Comparison

The Royal Rangers program is often compared to Boy Scouts of America and it considered by some to be a Christian alternative to Scouting. Although it is true that the two programs share many common features and objectives, they differ in several key ways. Individuals or groups who are familiar with Scouting will find many aspects of the Royal Rangers program familiar. But it would be valuable to be aware of the key differences between the core objectives of the programs.

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