Training Updates

Next Three Months in Training

National training events are conducted throughout the year at various locations across the country. The following link provides a summary of national training events available over the next three months.

Introducing the New Ranger Safety

The new Ranger Safety course was rolled out on Saturday of LEAD21. It was a combination of live presentations and videos from the course. The new Ranger Safety will be available online, tentatively starting April 1, 2021.

Organizational Leader Training & Global University Changes

If you are pursuing Organizational Leader Training (OLT) levels, then this article is a must read. There were important changes to the course work for ministerial credentialing that precipitated changes to the OLT advancements. Even if you are not pursuing credentialing, this article is still a must read for you.

Training Updates & 2021 Training Schedule

A new book has been added to the reading list for the Organizational Leader Training track. Maybe you recently read this book that you can count toward your next OLT level. Also, if you are planning to attend a national training event this year, look here for an entire list of training events and dates.

Ranger Safety Is Under Construction

You might be thinking, “Wait, didn’t I just read an article like this a few months ago?” Indeed, you did. The national training office has leveraged the time when the normal training schedule was interrupted to make critical updates to several our trainings. Read this article to see what updates are being made to Ranger Safety and the release schedule.

Ranger Basics Is Now Ranger Foundations

While the pandemic caused multiple national training events to be cancelled or postponed and the postponement of Camporama until July 2022, it created a void that allowed Ranger Basics to be completely overhauled. Ranger Basics (RB) is now Ranger Foundations (RF).

Ranger Basics Is Under Construction

Whenever I see an “Under Construction” sign on my way to work, my heart sinks just a little, and I begin asking myself questions. What will this construction cost me in terms of traffic delays, undue road debris, and list goes on? When will it be opened back up? However, I also know that same sign represents progress, enhancement, and quite possibly an improved path to work.

Parent Guide to Abuse Prevention Discontinued

While the topics covered in this booklet continue to be relevant to parents and leaders today, the content has now become dated and does not reflect the most current material available. Current standards for safety and the protection of boys within the outpost can now be found in Chapter 27 of the Royal Rangers Leader Manual.

Trail of the Saber - Covid-19 Response

As you are all so aware of, the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our Royal Rangers national training and events as well as district training and events. The Trail of the Saber is not left unscathed during this pandemic fallout. Read this article to find out the national office’s response.

Introducing the OLO (What is that?)

Do you have trouble recruiting and retaining new leaders for Royal Rangers? What if you had a short introduction that ended with the new leader meeting with the pastor to hear his heart for Royal Rangers at your church? Check out the OLO as an easy way to onboard a new leader.

Training Updates & 2020 Training Schedule

Training is underway for the new year, and we’ve already had one successful WCO in the South Central region. Check out the entire list of camps that is also posted on the website. This article also includes new books added to the OLT and OLAL tracks and updates to the restriction level of continuous learning awards.

Training Updates

As you read this, you may be preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. Then, we move onto the happiest time of the year, the celebration of the birth of our Savior. With the holidays upon us, I wanted to keep this article rather lite. So, we only have three training updates: new book for OLT, CLE ribbons, and new WCO events.

Next Three Months in Training

So, what remains for 2019 and early 2020? We have six training events from October through January.

Training: What if?

Plato said, "Necessity is the mother of invention." What happens when you know what you want to do, but there is not a structure or procedure in place to accomplish the goal. This is the issue the Northwest region faced, and the solution was to host a combined NRMC/NEEC.

National Training for the 3rd Quarter of 2019

Although for many, summer is a time to take a break; however, four of our districts have said, “No way! Let’s do more training!” Find out what training is available in your area in the 3rd quarter.

Leader Training Award Applications Process

Follow these steps to insure a smoother leader training award applications process.

Training Schedule for 2019

The training schedule for 2019 is now available and this new year has shaped up to be another banner year of training. If you are still debating about when to register, register early to let us know you are planning to attend.

Hybrid NEEC in Albuquerque

A National Elementary Education Conference in Albuquerque followed a new format for this type of training event. Take a look at this article to learn more.

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