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Memorable Moment for National Staff

Sandra Blanchard & Steve Schultz
Sandra Blanchard receives her LMA from Steve Schultz
It was a memorable moment for one member of the national staff today. Sandra Blanchard, administrative coordinator to National Director Doug Marsh, recently completed the last requirement for the Leaders Medal of Achievement (LMA) and today was presented her medal and certificate by Steve Schultz, national training coordinator.

Sandra has been employed by Royal Rangers for seven years, starting as the medals & chartering coordinator in 2002 and moving into the position of administrative coordinator to the national director in 2003. She has served with two national directors—Rich Mariott and Doug Marsh. She has been working toward her LMA since 2003 and is very glad to have finally completed the remaining requirement.

“It took me six years, but I have finally completed my goal in time to start the next one—transition to the new Rangers Ministry Academy. Continued learning is important to me. I have become very interested in things that I never thought I would because I wanted to learn something new and keep my mind active.”

The Leaders Medal of Achievement represents a major accomplishment in the life of a Royal Rangers leader and serves as an important indicator, distinguishing that a person is fully trained to fill the role of a Royal Rangers leader. More information on the requirements for the LMA can be found on the Royal Rangers website at