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New Leader Manual Now Available!

The new 2010 Royal Rangers Leader Manual “Inspire the Journey” is now available for purchase through Gospel Publishing House.  This all-new manual provides a thorough overview of the Royal Rangers program and serves as the cornerstone for all program information and training. 

Leader Manual 2010
The leader’s manual has long been a key part of the Royal Rangers curriculum and serves as a vital source of information for anyone involved in a ranger program or seeking to learn more about the program.  This new manual entitled “Inspire the Journey” provides a considerable amount of all-new content intended to engage leaders in the process of leading boys through he process of growth into Christlike manhood.

This manual includes a variety of valuable information including the methods Royal Rangers employs to evangelize, equip, and empower boys, how to start a Royal Rangers program, and a framework for building a strong leadership team for your program.  Purchase of this manual also includes a complimentary 2-year membership in TRaCclub, the new Royal Rangers online curriculum.

To learn more about this manual, as well as other pieces of Royal Rangers curriculum, visit the national Royal Rangers web site at