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Advancement Logbooks Now Available!

Advancement logbooks are now available for purchase through Gospel Publishing House.  Logbooks are a motivational tool to encourage boys in their personal and spiritual growth and an aid in tracking an individual’s progress in training and advancement.  Available for all age groups, these attractive, full-color folders provide a simple, visual layout of the entire NEW advancement trail for an age group.  Stickers are included which the boys can use to identify their accomplishments.  A logbook is also available for leaders to aid in tracking progress in training and FCF membership progress.

Discovery Rangers Logbook

Here’s how they work:

  1. A logbook is purchased for every boy and leader in the outpost.
  2. Each time a boy is awarded an advancement or completes a training program he places the appropriate sticker in the designated location in his logbook to signify his progress.  Leaders likewise use their logbooks to track training & FCF progress.
  3. The logbook may then be kept on file at the church or sent home with the boys.  Some outposts may choose to purchase two logbooks per person so one can be kept at the church while the other is kept & maintained by the boy.

Logbooks are a simple, easy way to keep track of a boy’s advancement and allow him to see visually where he stands in his progress along the advancement trail.  Logbooks are available for purchase from Gospel Publishing House through the Rangers Online Store.

  • 022160  Ranger Kids Advancement Logbook
  • 022161  Discovery Rangers Advancement Logbook
  • 022162  Adventure Rangers Advancement Logbook
  • 022163  Expedition Rangers Advancement Logbook
  • 022164  Leaders Advancement Logbook

Athough all logbooks include sticker sheets for their age group, additional sticker sheets may be purchased separately for the benefit of those who may choose to earn merits beyond those provided for their age group.

  • 147136  Ranger Kids Advancement Stickers
  • 147137  Discovery Rangers Advancement Stickers
  • 147138  Adventure Rangers Advancement Stickers
  • 147139  Expedition Rangers Advancement Stickers
  • 147141  Leaders Advancement Stickers

NOTE:  Logbooks are available for the new 2010 advancement trail only.