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Birmingham Section Tech Expo

The Birmingham, AL section hosted its first tech expo in November 2010 to reach boys in a new way. Finding a place large enough to accommodate a sectional video game lock in was tricky, but the Healing Place Church in Trussville was selected.  National Director Doug Marsh was scheduled to greet us to open the event. Due to network difficulties, we were only able to connect for about fifteen seconds. After a short devotion, three boys gave their lives to Christ. That is what the whole night was about!

Loudness and running to the next game were the order of the night. Two rooms had be set up with donated game systems—seven Wii’s and eight X-Boxes. A few opted for sleep, but the majority were still gaming at 8:00 a.m. The results of the Madden and Halo Reach tournaments were posted, and the winners received $25.00 gift cards to GameStop.

If your section does not have one of these events, plan one. It is easy to put on and a great overnight for everyone.

Note: All games were scrutinized by commanders for appropriateness. The permission slip sent to the parents removed any doubt as to which games boys were allowed to play.

Mark Owens, Sectional Coordinator
Alabama District Royal Rangers