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Utility Uniform Update Now Online

The Utility Uniform serves as the primary uniform for all Royal Rangers age groups and has become very popular uniform option for boys and leaders across the country.  Additional details on the composition of the uniform and the layout of insignia have recently been added to the national Royal Rangers web site at

The style and design of this uniform makes it comfortable and suitable for regular active use.  The Utility Uniform is defined as consisting of the following elements:

  • Official RR Utility Shirt
  • Official RR blue tactical pants OR jeans OR knee-length shorts, as appropriate for the event

Undershirts, awards vest, headgear, and belts are optional, unless otherwise specified for a particular event or setting.  Official RR black web belt must be worn when wearing RR tactical pants, and tactical pants must be worn when wearing the uniform in pin format (see below).  Footwear should be appropriate for the activity, although black footwear & black socks are recommended when wearing the RR tactical pants.

Furthermore, the Utility Uniform may be worn in two different configurations - PATCH format or PIN format.  Details on the definition of each of these formats can be found on the national web site on the Uniforms page, under the PROGRAMS menu.


Utility Uniform in Pin Format