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Ketchup for Master’s Toolbox

Royal Rangers outpost 86 in North Texas thought of a creative way to involve their church in donating to Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) through Master’s Toolbox. Following the Sunday morning service at Crossroads Assembly of God, bottles of ketchup were sold for Master’s Toolbox. This ketchup wasn’t for your hot dog; it was for the outpost coordinator, Lee Fogleman, aka Prospector.

Following an awards presentation for the Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries, everyone that bought a bottle of ketchup could squirt, shoot, and pour their ketchup on Lee. At the end of the night, over $580 was raised for Master’s Toolbox.

This was a very fun and creative way to raise money for BGMC, bring the church together, celebrate the achievements of the Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries, and get rid of the extra ketchup from last week’s potluck. For more information on Royal Rangers and BGMC’s collaboration through Masters Toolbox, visit: