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National FCF Rendezvous is almost here!

The date for 2014 National FCF Rendezvous is rapidly approaching and all the signs indicate this will be the most exciting and colorful FCF event ever! The theme for Rendezvous will be "The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness…” from Psalm 29:8.  All FCF members are invited to join us for this special brand of fellowship, camaraderie, and competition with your FCF brethren from across the country. You’ll have the opportunity to have fun, hear some great speakers, and to join in an amazing time of worship!

National Rendezvous will be held at Eagle Rock, MO on July 14-18, 2014 and will be a place for a variety of fun-filled activities and competitions, all with a unique frontier style.  Here's a sampling of what will be going on.

Craftsman’s Fair

From its beginning, the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship has featured a diverse group of skilled craftsmen. Rendezvous will showcase these talented individuals.  From clothing to hand forged tools and powder horns to beaded moccasins, members can submit handcrafted items for competition in a variety of categories.

Knife & Hawk

The Knife & Hawk throwing events will be a buzz of activity throughout the Rendezvous. Two 15-station trails will be available to test participant’s expertise and ten targets will be available for those seeking to show their skill through a traditional game of “handles”.


A number of black powder shooting events will test participant’s ability to shoot fast and straight. Some new twists on old shooting standards will be included with some fantastic prizes for those who shine.

Games & Trades

Participants will have the opportunities to enjoy a number of authentic games and activities that were present on the American Frontier. Learn how to hammer forge a nail or tan a beaver hide. Relax with a game of corncob darts or Indian stick ball.  It’s all here!


Recognition will be given to the top chapter and the top territory based on enthusiasm and participation. The “Strong Heart” award, taken from the FCF name of Johnnie Barnes, the founder of Royal Rangers, will be given to the top performing Young Buck and Old Timer at Rendezvous.


Participation for National Rendezvous is open to all FCF members.  Attendees who register by May 14th, will receive a special commemorative FCF hat pin.  Members of chartered Royal Rangers outposts receive a 15% discount if preregistered (meals plans and on-site registration excluded.)  Please note that Rendezvous registration does not include meals. However, optional meal plans are available for purchase through the Rendezvous Cafe for an additional fee.

For more information, or to register for rendezvous visit the web site at

National Rendezvous 2014