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National Rendezvous a Great Success

The 2014 National Rendezvous an overwhelming success! The Lord showed Himself faithful and shook the wilderness. The final count on Thursday morning of the rendezvous was 879 registered campers on site, making this our largest National Rendezvous ever.  Praise the Lord!

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the rendezvous was the cool temperatures.  The Lord truly blessed the camp with the low temperatures.  Many remarked that it was the first time that they had witnessed anyone wearing a capote to breakfast during the National Rendezvous.  This change in the weather made an already great camp even better.

Our National President, Paul Walters, had this to say about the event:  “The exciting color of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship was on full display at the 2014 National FCF Rendezvous. It was the largest attendance in the history of the FCF. This pleases me. What pleases me more, was the eternal work the Lord did in “Shaking the Wilderness”. So grateful, to have been a part of this grand event.”

“The spirit of the Lord and the spirit of the FCF brotherhood was felt the entire two weeks, during the week of camp preparation and definitely during the week of rendezvous. It was so cool to observe the brotherhood that was at Camp Eagle Rock. Now it is time to take that spirit that we felt, back to our families, outposts, churches and world.”

The entire camp was alive with activity, from the knife and tomahawk trails and shooting events to the rendezvous games and Builders International display. Many visited with the demonstrators, who spent their time plying their skill and showing Young Bucks how they too can do that trade.

Another feature of the rendezvous was the Rendezvous Scoring app that was developed specifically for this rendezvous.  This allowed score keepers to use their digital phones to score events and wirelessly upload the scores to a real-time rendezvous event results display at the trading post.  This was a great combination of modern technology and frontier ingenuity.

We also had great representation from the chapters for the Craftsman’s Fair, with some very fine examples of the work of our members.

Thank you so much to all who participated for helping to make this the best rendezvous ever!

National Rendezvous 2014