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National Director Greeting

June 2016

Warm weather opens more than doors and windows; it opens the opportunity to build memories and make an impact. Mentoring a boy doesn't just happen in a classroom. It happens as life is shared. My greatest memories are when I was doing something with others-a weekend camping trip, going to a theme park, hanging out after a football game. My clearest lessons of what a godly man was and how he behaved were learned while I watched and interacted with the men who led us and made these memories happen.

During these times, we weren't just on outings like I thought. I was learning to problem solve, interact with others, and make decisions as I watched the men who intentionally lived their lives before me. More is "caught" than "taught" for a boy. Step out of the classroom and do something unusual. Remember, Rangers doesn't teach boys; we mentor future men.

Karl S. Fleig
Royal Rangers National Director

Karl Fleig, National Director