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It's Chartering Season!

By Karl Fleig, National Director - September 2016

It's chartering season for Royal Rangers. Every year around this time, the national office receives the following questions: "Why do we charter? What is the need to charter?" These are important questions, and understanding the reasons is vital. There are many benefits to chartering to the district and national organizations and to the local outpost.

Organizationally, chartering strengthens the ministry. Chartering your church, leaders, and boys gives the district and national offices vital metrics for measuring and evaluating the strength and success of the ministry's outreach and influence. Annual numbers from chartering give the ministry a benchmark to know the numbers of boys and leaders who are in the program. It also helps the ministry identify areas of strength and areas that may need more attention in the coming years.

Chartering provides a much needed funding process for the ministry. A portion of each charter helps to fund the district departments, the national campground, and the operation of the national office. It ensures ongoing curriculum development, training, and outpost support from the national level. Subsidy from charter income helps keep the cost of the above from being passed on to curriculum, patches, medals, and other product.

Finally, and most importantly, chartering protects the ministry and brand of Royal Rangers. Currently, over 70 denominations and fellowships are approved to use Rangers. The requirement and enforcement of chartering ensures the Royal Rangers brand, logos, reputation, and materials are protected by confirming they are being used by only those who reflect and agree with our standards of morality and faith. Chartering is the gateway of permission for groups to start or renew an outpost and the process of reviewing and protecting the national ministry.

Individually and for outposts, chartering guarantees the highest caliber of ongoing ministry from Rangers. It allows individuals/outposts to focus on the task of influencing the next generation of Christlike men, knowing that curriculum is being reviewed and updated, ongoing training of leaders is being provided, and the core values of the organization are being upheld. Additionally, chartering places the church/outpost in the Outpost Locator on the national Rangers website. The national office regularly fields phone calls from families looking for a Rangers outpost in their new location. Chartered outposts have the potential of gaining these new families for their churches. By chartering, individuals also enjoy negotiated discounts for products from GPH and My Healthy Church, national and district training events, and other Royal Rangers events. These discounts can far exceed the cost of chartering. The national office is continually looking for other benefits to provide chartered members.

The current charter fee in most districts for Royal Rangers is $11/boy and $13/leader per year. Great effort is put into maximizing the benefit and keeping this cost as low as possible. Outposts decide how this cost will be covered. Some churches write it into their budgets. Others have families pay for their boys, hold fundraisers, or ask for sponsors to underwrite the cost for boys in need. With chartering fees for comparable programs ranging from $26 to $46 annually per boy, our chartering fees are a small price to ensure we evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men.