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Join Us For LEAD 2017

January 11, 2017

As a district leader in Indiana, I always looked forward to our annual Royal Rangers meetings in March. Whether we called it National Council, as it was known years ago, or LEAD, as it's called now, this event was always a great time to come together. At this annual meeting, we always catch up with other Rangers, catch up with what's happening in Rangers ministry, and if necessary, get our spiritual life caught up as well.

Springfield, Missouri, had for decades been the annual destination of organizational leaders in Royal Rangers. In 2011 this annual meeting moved to Dallas, and now after 6 years we are excited to be coming "back home" to Springfield.

Having LEAD come back to Springfield is significant for us this year. In the few years before and while we were in Dallas, Royal Rangers has gone through some excellent and necessary organizational changes. These changes allow us as a ministry to stay relevant and effective at fulfilling our vison of reaching more boys than ever, more effectively than ever.

As we move into the future, we want to ensure that no one is left behind. Change brings newness-new way of doing things, new expectations-and newness brings with it some uncertainty. To ensure we are all in unison, just as LEAD is returning to our "base" in March, our focus for LEAD this year is on the base or foundational items of Rangers.

Every district should do all it can to bring its entire district team to LEAD. A big feature at LEAD will be extended times for our departments in their functional breakaways. Members of each department will have time to meet, discuss their job descriptions, share best practices for their positions, and build cohesion for their role across the nation. We will also have workshops, elect new officers, and get national updates.

There will be a new feature, a luncheon for Masters Toolbox, as well as many of the other regular features. Thursday evening we will host a reception to thank Steve Schultz for 15 years of service as our national training coordinator. You are encouraged to bring cards (and gifts if you wish) of appreciation to give him at LEAD or send to the national Rangers office for us to give to Steve on your behalf.

From the responses we have received, the anticipation is that attendance will be up at this year's event because of the return to Springfield. Be sure to set aside the date: March 16-18, 2017.

Please get your district team together and get your conference registration in. Remember to make your separate reservations with the hotel before the rooms run out or February 13, whichever comes first. You can find phone numbers and links as well as additional LEAD information on our web site at

Karl Fleig
National Director