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What is LEAD and Why is it Important?

February 14, 2017

We are looking forward to hosting LEAD17 in a few weeks in Springfield, MO, which is also the home of the National Royal Rangers office and The General Council of the Assemblies of God. Since we have met in Dallas, TX for the past six years, many are looking forward to returning to Springfield and familiar territory.

LEAD is the annual meeting for Royal Rangers organizational leaders in the US. At this meeting, leaders get updates about the Rangers program, elect officers, and receive information to assist district leadership teams in their communication with the local outposts.

During LEAD, many leaders enjoy the opportunity to fellowship with leaders from across the nation-to share in this brotherhood that exists in Royal Rangers. When I travel, I usually meet someone who is part of, recognizes, or used to attend Royal Rangers. Even when it's been years since an individual has been involved, there is an instant kinship the moment the Royal Rangers logo is recognized. It really is true-once a Ranger always a Ranger!

At LEAD17, our leaders will have opportunity not only to learn what's new but also to share ideas and help shape Royal Rangers to continue being the premier, most sought after church ministry for mentoring young men anywhere in America. Please be in prayer on March 16-18, as our leaders come together, that this may be an effective time.

As a local outpost leader, you may ask why is LEAD important to you if the primary audience is organizational leaders. Let me share with you. Much of the information shared at LEAD is passed on to outpost leaders at regional or district conferences. By attending LEAD or your regional or district conference with the leaders from your outpost, you are helping Royal Rangers stay current and relevant. By engaging and connecting with your district leadership, you are ensuring that your outpost is the best it can be.

For more information visit our national LEAD conference page at