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Streamlined Awards Process

February 16, 2017

In an effort to simplify and expedite the awards application process while still providing the recognition options traditionally available, the national Royal Rangers office has made a change to the way some advancement awards may be obtained.

Previously, all annual awards required an individual application be submitted to the national office for processing. This process required a significant effort by outpost leaders as required a substantial amount of time to be processed by the national office due to the large number of applications received. In an effort to streamline this process the following change has been implemented.

For all annual awards other than the highest award in each age group a "multiple recipient award application" is now available. This new application enables local leaders to apply for up to 20 awards on a single application, greatly reducing the amount of paperwork that must be processed for these awards. This change applies to the following awards:

  • Gold Falcon
  • Gold Hawk
  • Adventure Bronze
  • Adventure Silver
  • E1 Award
  • E2 Award

Please note that due to the simplified process used for these awards, which requires only limited information be submitted for each award recipient, the national office does not review, screen, or approve these awards but relies on outpost leaders to insure all qualifications for these awards have been met.

It should also be noted that this change does NOT apply to the GMA, any Buffalo award, or the highest award in each age group. Each of these awards continue to require a separate application be submitted:

  • Gold Trail
  • Gold Eagle
  • Adventure Gold
  • E3 Award
  • Gold Medal of Achievement
  • Buffalo Awards

Questions concerning this process should be directed to


Multiple Recipient Awards Application