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New Regional Coordinator Appointed

June 26, 2017

Since 2004, the South Central region has been blessed under the guidance of their region coordinator, Dr. Jonathan Trower. The South Central region includes the districts of Central (Hispanic), Kansas, New Mexico, North Texas, Oklahoma, South Central Hispanic, South Texas, Texas Gulf Hispanic, Texas-Louisiana Hispanic, West Texas, and West Texas & the Plains (Hispanic). As region coordinator, he strengthens and serves the districts as an extension of the Royal Rangers national ministries. He also serves on the Royal Rangers Executive Committee.

A recent promotion in Jonathan's to department chair at Baylor University has increased the demands on his time. To compensate for these demands, Jonathan felt it would be wise to step away from his region responsibilities while continuing to serve as district director for North Texas, as part of the national Programs Action Team, and in his local outpost.

After consulting with various leaders and considering several potential candidates, we are pleased to introduce to you the newly appointed South Central region coordinator, Ken Porter.

Ken grew up in San Antonio, TX, and at the age of 31, turned his life over to the Lord Jesus. In 1994, he became a Royal Rangers commander and has been serving continually in Royal Rangers since. In the local, outpost Ken has served as commander for Trailblazers; Air, Sea and Trail Rangers; Urban Rangers; and with the current Adventure and Expedition Rangers. He also serves as outpost coordinator for Outpost 68 at Camelot Christian Center in San Antonio, TX. On the organizational level, he has been the deputy sectional commander, district public relations coordinator, deputy district director, and currently is the district outreach coordinator in South Texas. As a firm believer in training, Ken has been on a continual learning track to be the absolute best leader he can be. In addition to the previous training, he has completed the Advanced level of OLAL (Outpost Leader Advancement Levels), NRMC (National Rangers Ministry Camp), and National Academy. Ken continually serves on camp staffs including JTC, AJTC, JCE, Elite JTC, and JLDA. He is passionate about investing spiritually, mentally, socially, and relationally into the lives of young men.

Aside from Rangers, Ken also coaches Special Olympics softball. In 2011, his team was chosen to represent the United States at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece where they beat the Russian team twice to earn a Gold Medal.

Ken married his wife Yvette in September of 2002 and has three children-Cody, Victoria, and Danielle.

We are thrilled to welcome Ken to the Executive Committee and as our coordinator for the South Central region.

Karl Fleig

Karl Fleig
National Director
Royal Rangers USA