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Ranger PassportIn order to facilitate the secure distribution of documents and information to organizational leaders across the country, the National Royal Rangers Office now posts this information to the internet through the use of Ranger Passport (formerly AGPassport).  Ranger Passport is an information distribution system which allows for the distribution of documents and materials according to access privledges assigned to individual users.

To access this information, all organizational leaders must (1) establish a Ranger Passport/AGPassport login and (2) be approved for access by the National Royal Rangers Office.  For information on the process by which access to these documents may be obtained, click here.



Secure Documents for Organizational Leaders


     National Royal Rangers Executive Committee

     District Royal Rangers Directors & Regional Staff

     District Royal Rangers Staff

     Royal Rangers General Resources


Secure Documents for Training Staff


     Advanced Academy Graduates

     National Academy Graduates

     Instructor Trainers & Training Coordinators

     Certified Instructors